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  • Biomass means "natural material." When biomass energy is burned, it releases heat – just like the wood logs in your campfire.
  • Biomass gasification, a century old technology, is viewed today as an alternative to conventional fuel. In gasification process, wood, charcoal and other biomass materials are gasified to produce so called ´producer gas´ for power or electricity generation. Gasification system basically consists of a gasifier unit, purification system and energy converters - burner or engine.
  • Biomass energy uses natural materials like trees and plants to make electricity. It can also mean waste products like trash.
  • Biomass is the second-most common form of renewable energy we use in the United States, providing enough electricity to power more than two million homes.


  • Several biogas plants measure the total acid level in the reactors from time to time. This may be done in a relatively simple way by means of titration and can give a hint of changes in the process, but it is inadvisable to use this as the only control parameter.

  • From time to time most biogas plants have experienced substantial declines in the gas production due to interruptions of the biological process. Often a more effective control of the process will prevent such incidents and thereby improve the economy of the plants.


  • Biomass has been a major energy source, prior to the discovery of fossil fuels like coal and petroleum. Even though its role is presently diminished in developed countries, it is still widely used in rural communities of the developing countries for their energy needs in terms of cooking and limited industrial use. Biomass, besides using in solid form, can be converted into gaseous form through gasification routure.


  • First biogas train in Sweden consists of a single carriage seats about 60 passengers, the vehicle consists of a converted old Fiat train whose diesel engines have been replaced by two Volvo gas engines.
  • Replacing the engine has made the train more environmentally friendly, since the combustion of biogas, like other biofuels, helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Biogas recovery systems, also know as anaerobic digesters, are a manure management technology that promotes the recovery and use of biogas as energy. By treating animal waste in a controlled anaerobic environment, these systems offer significant environmental benefits, such as improved air and water quality, odor control, nutrient management flexibility, and greenhouse gas emission reductions.

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