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  • Biopharming" is an experimental application of biotechnology in which plants are genetically engineered to produce pharmaceutical proteins or industrial chemicals that they would never produce naturally.
  • Bio-pharm crops are regulated by two federal agencies (USDA and FDA) and by state departments of agriculture.

  • Biopharming is done largely in secret, with information withheld from the public and independent scientists, we do know that efforts have been made to have plants produce contraceptives, potent growth hormones, blood clotters, blood thinners, industrial enzymes and vaccines


  • Microbial bioprocessing can produce a myriad of valuable products.This industry needs a small- or large-scale trials to test or advance a bioprocessing technology, National Bioenergy Center (NBC) facilities at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, Colorado, allow  to use world-class systems and expertise without the expense of building own pilot plant.
  • Two new filtration technologies to improve production throughput for protein-based biotech drugs are available. They are SuporŽ UEKV and FluorodyneŽ EX high-flow sterilizing grade cartridge filters are hybrids that offer solutions to processing challenges. Sterilizing-grade filters are utilized throughout the drug processing cycle from initial purification steps to final formulation and filling to remove bacteria and other contaminants.

Genetic Engineering

  • There are a number of ways through which genetic engineering is accomplished. Essentially, the process has four main steps:
  • Isolation of the genes of interest
  • Insertion of the genes into a vector
  • Transformation of cells of organism to be modified
  • Tests to isolate genetically modified organism (GMO)


  • Biopharm companies hope that growing drugs and chemicals in plants will be cheaper than conventional production methods through replacement of high-cost production facilities with the flexibility of low-cost contract farmers, which would mean higher profits.

  • Some 400 biopharm products are reportedly in the pipeline, and over 300 open-air field trials have already been conducted in unidentified locations across the United States.

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