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  • Biotechnology is defined as the application of scientific and biological principles for the alteration of substances by biological agents with the aim of providing goods and services.
  • Biotechnology has applications in four major industrial areas, including health care (medical), crop production and agriculture, non food (industrial) uses of crops and other products (e.g. biodegradable plastics, vegetable oil, biofuels), and environmental uses.
  • In medicine, modern biotechnology finds promising applications in such areas as pharmacogenomics; drug production; genetic testing; and gene therapy.
  • Biotechnology offers the opportunity to improve the value of goods produced with old technologies, exploit new resources and create environmentally friendly solutions to a variety of problems that developing countries are currently facing.
  • The Indian Biotechnology industry was slow to start but is now gaining momentum. Although, the current share in the global market  is just 1.1% percent but it has the necessary ingredients to become a prominent player in the global biotech market.
  • India is today among the top five countries in the Asia Pacific region.
  • India shows immense potential not only as a destination for new  generation pharmaceuticals, biotech products and diagnostics but is also becoming an important hub for outsourcing of clinical trials  and contract research.
  • It has also been found that most biotech companies in India have performed well in the international arena with top five companies  in the Indian biotech industry is companies with Indian origin.
  • The leading foreign market for biotechnology exports is Europe (56% of export revenues), followed by the Asia/Pacific region (24%). Almost one-quarter of companies indicated that they plan to expand into a foreign
    market as part of their near-term competitive strategy.
  • International markets account for at least 15.9% of net biotechnology-related sales for U.S.- based companies.

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