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  • Calcium hypochlorite is a chemical compound with formula Ca(ClO)2.

  • It is widely used for water treatment and as a bleaching agent (bleaching powder).

  • Bleaching powder is actually a mixture of calcium hypochlorite Ca(ClO)2 and the basic chloride CaCl2, Ca(OH)2, H2O with some slaked lime, Ca(OH)2.

  • It is a yellow white solid which has a strong smell of chlorine. Calcium hypochlorite is not highly soluble in water.

  • It is made by bubbling chlorine gas through a solution of calcium hydroxide.

  • Calcium hypochlorite is not flammable, but it acts as an oxidizer with combustible material and may react explosively with ammonia, amines, or organic sulfides.

  • Calcium hypochlorite should be stored in a dry, well ventilated area at a temperature below 120 F (50 C) separated from acids, ammonia, amines, and other chlorinating or oxidizing agents.


  • Calcium hypochlorite is the main ingredient in swimming pool chlorine tablets.

  • Calcium hypochlorite is one of the best disinfectants known, killing bacteria, yeasts, fungus, spores, even viruses.

  • Calcium hypochlorite is used to disinfect water supplies and swimming pools more than its sodium cousin sodium hypochlorite (household bleach), because it can be sold as a solid.


  • Calcium hypochlorite is projected to grow at a modest 2 percent annual rate, in line with pool starts which, in turn, hinge on the weather and the health of the general economy.

  • Calcium hypochlorite is being increasingly used in less developed regions of the world for potable water treatment.

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