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  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
  • The corn flakes is one of the important value added products manufactured out of yellow and white maize. It is generally eaten as a breakfast cereal but the demand for this product is limited to hotels and big cities


  • Extrusion is the most frequently used process for cooking and for complete or partial forming of cereal products. As an HTST (High Temperature Short Time) process, extrusion is a comparatively gentle process. As it uses a minimum of water, it is a low-energy process and therefore ecological as well as economical. Using steam and water, the premixed solids are fed into the process.

  • They are partially heated almost to boiling temperature using an additional preconditioning stage and precooked more or less intensively, depending on the water content and the selectable retention (dwell) time.


  • Pasta process technology stands behind the latest single-screw former design. Dedicated to the production of sophisticated breakfast cereals, this tool combines the features of the successful BCTA twin-screw cooking extruder with those of the cold extrusion technology applied to pasta processing. Sanitary design, careful material selection for the components and optimized screw and die geometries result in optimum product quality and operational reliability.


  • The number of Breakfast Cereals manufacturers in many Countries where Cereals are not a ‘traditional’ way of having breakfast is growing.
  • The main reasons are related to the change of eating habits and increased economical possibilities of the consumers. These lead to new marketing opportunities that are quickly considered by the existing producers or the new comers.

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