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  • Calcium gluconate is a mineral supplement. It is the form of calcium most widely used in the treatment of hypocalcemia.
  • Calcium Gluconate, is white in colour and is available in the form of a crystalline powder or granules. Calcium Gluconate is found to be highly effective in the treatment of calcium deficiencies


  • The waste mycelium of Penicillium chrysogenum HA-10 (obtained at the end of penicillin fermentation), or a 24-hr-old freshly grown vegetative inoculum of this organism, was found to utilize glucose for the production of calcium gluconate by submerged fermentation in shake flasks.
  • Calcium Gluconate is produced by the electrolytic oxidation of Glucose dissolved in sodium bromide solution used as electrolyte in a cell having graphite electrodes. Gluconic acid formed is neutralised by the suspended Calcium Carbonate present in the electrolyte. Calcium Gluconate formed in the electrolyte is recovered by cooling the the mother liquor obtained after recovery of the product is continuously reused in further batches


  • Calcium Gluconate - product of the process of electrolytic oxidation of glucose , is used as a dietary supplement for the treatment of patients with a calcium deficiency .Other than its use as a medicine, Calcium Gluconate has also found its rightful place in several other industries. It is used instead of fruit acids in making fruit jellies and baking powders. Calcium Gluconate also provides the base for producing ferrous gluconate which is used in the treatment of patients having an iron deficiency .
  • Calcium Gluconate is extensively used in the treatment of Calcium deficiency, both for oral and parenteral administration. It is also used as an oral antidote for fluorine and onalic acid poisoning and as a substitute for fruit acids in the manufacture of fruit jellies and baking powders and in the preparation of homogeneous pastes like dentifrices and metal polishes; ferrous gluconate which can be readily made from Calcium Gluconate is used in the treatment iron deficiency and in tonic compositions. Aluminium Gluconate has potential use as a tanning agent

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