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  • Card Phenol popularly known as Cardanol is the active constituent of Cashew Nut Shell Liquid and is a monohydroxy phenol having a long hydrocarbon chain (C15H27) in a Meta position.
  • Cardanol is a meta substituted alkenyl phenol, derived from naturally occurring phenol viz. cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL).
  • Distillation of CNSL under reduced pressure gives cardanol. The residue will be rich in cardanol and is generally known as residol,which is conveniently used in the preparation of friction dust for brake linings, and also in rubber compounding formulations.
  • CNSL extracted by cold extrusion method is reported to contain approximately 70% anacardic acid, 18% cardol and 5% cardanol and the balance consisting of substituted phenols and less polar substances.
  • Derivatives of cardanol find applications in form of dyestaaffs, plasticizers, and ion-exchange resin.
  • Cardanol is a unique natural source for unsaturated long-chain phenols. It is a cheap and renewable material, obtained by vacuum distillation of cashew nut shell liquid.
  • Industrial grade cardanol is a yellow oil containing mostly cardanol with smaller percentages of cardol and methylcardol, obtained by thermal treatment and subsequent distillation of cashew nut shell liquid available in large amounts in some developing countries.
  • Cardanol, an excellent monomer for polymer production, has been isolated from CNSL and allowed to react with formaldehyde in a particular mole ratio in the presence of glutaric acid catalyst to give high-ortho novolac resin.
  • It is widely used in the manufacture of surface coatings, Insulaating Varnishes, Oil and Alcohol soluble resins, Laminating resins, Rubber compounding, Azo dyes, etc.
  • CSNL or Cardanol derivatives are extensively used in the laminating industry for reducing brittleness and improving the flexibility of the laminates.

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