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  • The newly developed martensitic stainless steel, magnetic ductile iron, low carbon and super-low alloy cast steel, nickel austenitic corrosion resistant cast iron and boron cast steel have been successfully used in industry and national key military projects, such as: driving mechanism for control rods, support of the main equipment, water filter mechanism, etc.

  • A developed low pressure casting technology for pressure-resisting copper casting has been applied to fabricate some of key parts and components for national important engineering project. Permanent mould casting technology has been applied to fabricate in large amount of castings for automobile.

  • In 1989 the first CSP plant was used to cast only simple carbon steels, while nowadays almost the whole range of hot-rolled wide flat products, including stainless ferritic and austenitic steel grades, is covered.

Market and Report

  • The metal casting industry is one of the most energy-intensive manufacturing sectors with the melting process accounting for over half (55%) of its energy consumption. Although its high energy expenses have been a significant concern for metal casters, the industry continues to use melting technologies with poor energy efficiency.

  • Larger companies within the foundry industry in South Africa have made significant strides, and are catching up with international foundry operating standards.

  • In India there are approx 4500 units out of which 80% can be classified as Small Scale units & 10% each as Medium & Large Scale units. Approx 500 units are having International Quality Accreditation.

  • The large foundries are modern & globally competitive & are working at nearly full capacity. Most foundries use cupolas using LAM coke.

  • There is growing awareness about environment & many foundries are switching over to induction furnaces & some units in Agra are changing over to cokeless cupolas.

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