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Carbon Credits
How to identify Emerging Business Opportunities in Projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) ?

Carbon credits are proof of having reduced one metric tonne of CO2-equivalent . Emission reduction targets are decided under the Kyoto Protocol.Projects should result in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Clean Development Mechanism strives to combine the different interests of developed and developing nations, all the while respecting the effort of global climate protection.
Developed countries have the potential to gain greenhouse gas emission credits at costs significantly lower than taking domestic action, while developing countries gain access to new energy technologies and an implicit transfer of know-how.
As long as bureaucratic complications in the verification, validation and crediting process do not weigh down the process, the CDM has the potential to make a significant contribution to greenhouse gas reduction efforts and sustainable development.

Click to Read details on how to earn Carbon Credits !

In the News
Business Opportunities in Jatropha
what are the recent developments in India ?
Information about Contract Farming out by
Multi National Corporation & Funding by State Bank of India.....
Jatropha News Headlines
Jatropha Opportunities  , Click Here
Primary food processing is a major industry with lakhs of rice-mills/hullers, flour mills, pulse mills and oil-seed mills. There are several thousands of bakeries, traditional food units and fruit/vegetable/spice processing units in unorganized sector.
Important sub sectors in food processing industries are:- Fruit & Vegetable Processing, Fish-processing, Milk Processing, Meat & Poultry Processing, Packaged/Convenience Foods, Alcoholic beverages & Soft drinks and Grain Processing . 
Make a choice of your project Here

Indian Chilies  going places
India is the largest producer & exporter of Chilies in the world. Right now the prospects are excellent as Bumper crops are expected as against Crop failures in China & Pakistan.
Read Business Opportunities in Chilies , Capsicum .

Demand for rice bran oil is on the Increase in India
Assuming 15 per cent oil can be derived from rice bran and given the production of nearly 75 lakh tonnes of rice, 12 lakh tonnes of oil can be produced. 25 solvent units that are involved in producing rice bran oil.The oil contains oryznol, which increases good cholesterol (HDL) and reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. In the global market, oryznol sells up to $6,000 a kg.
More on Rice Brawn Oil ....
Publications: on CD ROM 
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Primary Information Services
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