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  • Celery is a cool-season crop that grows best under moderately cool temperatures of 65-80F, moist soils or muck, and relatively high humidity.
  • Celery seed is one of the lesser-known herbs in Western herbal medicine. However, it has been used for thousands of years in other parts of the world for a variety of reasons.
  • Celery seed is the tiny gray-brown dried seed of the celery plant.  Celery salt is a blend of the ground seeds with salt.  They bring out the flavour in favourites such as potato salad, coleslaw and soups.  Celery seed and celery salt are versatile spices in the kitchen.
  • Celery seed, whose sharp, refreshing flavor you may have tasted in pickles or sauerkraut, is also a useful herbal medicine. Celery seed has had varied uses around the world for thousands of years. Recent scientific studies have shown that certain chemicals in celery seed may actually help problems such as high blood pressure, arthritis, and anxiety. Celery seed may also help prevent cancer.
  • Celery seed is used primarily as a diuretic to promote the excretion of urine. The diuretic action combined with the presence of anti-bacterial compounds in celery seed also make it useful in treating urinary tract infections.
  • Celery Seed can also ease joint discomfort that occurs due to inflammation and is, in fact, mainly used for the relief of symptoms of such conditions as arthritis, rheumatism and gout.
  • Celery has figured as a natural medicine in different cultures throughout recorded history. And since the midtwentieth century, scientists have been  testing the allergenic components of celery and related vegetables. 
  • Celery seeds are very helpful for people suffering from an over supply of uric acid. Celery has large amounts of potassium and organic sodium that help to rid the body of waste material by stimulating various sites such as the skin, bowels and kidneys..
  • Celery is useful in the treatment of arthritis due to its high sodium content. Its organic sodium tends to prevent and relieve the arthritic joint deposits by keeping lime- and magnesia in a solution form. For optimum results, it should be taken in the form of freshly extracted juice, using its leaves as well as the stem.
  • California produces about 75 percent of the nation's celery crop, followed by florida and texas. The majority of the crop is used for fresh market; lightly processed and processed products are also marketed. Substantial shipments are made throughout the year; however, heaviest production occurs in midwinter. 
  • Celery seed oil is traded with increasing demand on world markets. This oil is produced by steam distillation of the seeds and is used primarily for flavouring of foods. Trace amounts are used in fine perfumes. Both celery seed oil and celery seed extract have FEMA GRAS registration enabling trade as flavour products within the  USA.

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