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  • Cement Paint is a decorative waterproof cement coating used to beautify and protect outer surfaces. The extensive coverage offered by cement paints are difficult to achieve with other coating materials.
  • Cement Paint is durable, economical, tough and can withstand all types of weather. Cement Paint is available in a variety of shades, due to its high refractive index and high opacity enhances the luster of cement paints.
  • Cement paints are composed of the following ingredients : i) Pigments ii) Binder iii.) Additives and iv) Solvents—water, which is added before application.
  • Cement Paints is a material consisting of port land cement and other ingredients like lime, pigments, hydroscopic salts, water repellents and fungicides.


  • Today's Electric Technologies used to reduce the curing cycle time for powder paints. The average curing time ranges from 10 to 20 minutes after the part being painted reaches the recommended temperature.

  • Infrared or radiant heating is ideally suited for curing powder paints. That's because infrared energy is quickly absorbed by the powder itself, gaining heat very fast to the temperature required to flow or melt the powder.

  • Induction curing can be really fast if the application parameters for using induction as a curing method are met, the curing times can be from a few seconds to just a few minutes using standard formulated powders.

  • Ultraviolet (UV), the new generation of powder paints used for curing UV formulated powder paints has application opportunities with products that are considered heat sensitive substrates and can not tolerate the elevated temperatures required to cure traditional thermo-set powders.


  • Cement paints are used for exterior surfaces of the Building and also impart properties of water repellent to exterior surfaces.

  • The powder-paint system offers two primary environmental benefits: (1) the system will virtually eliminate VOC, CO2, and NOx emissions, and (2) the system uses paint more effectively, eliminating 95% of the sludge waste now being sent to landfills from paint-spray systems.

  • A dry powder cement paint when mixed with water fills and smooths the surface, becoming part of the wall. As a result, it is superior to other types of cement paint that are premixed liquids.


  • The Indian paint industry has two main market segments--industrial and decorative paints. While industrial paints are used for protection against corrosion and rust on steel structures, vehicles, white goods and appliances, decorative paints are used in protecting valuable assets like buildings.
  • The demand of cement paint is increasing with the general requirement of human beings throughout the country. Cement Paints have a very good market and a very promising future. There is a substantial demand for Cement Paints from Government sectors like DGS and D, State PWDs, CPWD, Railways, Defence, State Electricity Boards, Govt. of India Enterprises, State Govt. Enterprises,
    various contractors, architects and engineers.
  • The industrial coatings segment includes high performance coatings with 30% market share, powder coatings with ten percent, coil coatings with five percent, marine coatings five percent and automotive coatings 50%.


  • The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has unearthed a racket wherein a local company was allegedly manufacturing and distributing fake cement paint under various brand names approved by the Indian Standards Institute (ISI). The day-long raids that were conducted till late last night have led BIS officials to believe that the company was manufacturing cement paints under five well-known brand names.

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