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Information @ a Glance


  • Ceramic colours are pigments based on Zirconium and are used directly in enamel slip, pottery, coloured wall tiles, sanitaryware etc. Zirconium based yellow, blue, green and pink stains are used directly for producing coloured wall tiles, etc.

  • These colours are non-toxic, ready to use and are also safe for children.

  • Painting on ceramics is a relatively new concept and is getting popular by the day as a hobby


  • The main raw materials are Glass Fluse and pigments.

  • Production is meticulously controlled at all stages, from the application of raw glaze to tile body, through firing at 1050C, surface selection, ageing, irradiation with UV, colour selection followed by final encapsulation in the backing trays and boxes.

Application and Market

  • Ceramic colours find application in different types of wall tiles, ceramic articles etc. In the modern age, ceramic wall tiles and other ceramic articles are being used increasingly.

  • On the basis of  the discussions held with experienced people in the industry, it is estimated that the demand for these products is in the region of Rs.65 crores per annum for the current year. The growth rate of 10% per annum is estimated for the next five years.

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