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  • The ceramic tile manufacturing process consists of a series of successive stages, which can be summarised as follows:  Raw materials preparation, Pressing and drying of the green body, Firing, with or without glazing,  Additional treatments, Sorting and packing.

  • The Ceramic tiles manufacturing process has now been completely automated with the exception of the final
    stage of production concerned with visual inspection.

  • The ceramic process starts by selecting the raw materials required for the body composition, which are mainly clays, feldspars, sands, carbonates and kaolins.

  • The ceramic tile manufacturing process ends with sorting and packing. Sorting is done by automatic systems with mechanical equipment and tile surface inspection.

  • The most important consumers of ceramic tiles in the EU are Italy (18%), Spain (14%), France (10%), The Netherlands (8%) and Germany (7%).

  • Asia is the most important consumer (50%) on a worldwide level.

  • Consumption of ceramic floor and wall tiles is primarily driven by demand for hard surface flooring. Hard surface flooring demand patterns are, in turn, closely related to the highly cyclical building construction sector.

  • The growth of the ceramic tile market in the EU is expected to continue to grow. The ongoing growth in the EU construction market and the wider utilization of ceramic tiles in and around the house/buildings will push the market forward for the next couple of years.

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