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  • Cerium(IV) oxide, ceric oxide, ceria, or sometimes simply cerium oxide or cerium dioxide, is a pale yellow-white powder, CeO2. It is used in ceramics, to polish glass, and to sensitize photosensitive glass.

  • Ceria is used in the walls of self-cleaning ovens as a hydrocarbon catalyst during the high-temperature cleaning process.


  • Nanoparticles of cerium oxide with a narrow size distribution (615%) are prepared by mixing cerium nitrate solution with an ammonium reagent.

  • CeO2 powder has been prepared and used to decrease the sintering temperature from 1500 C to 1200 C.

  • Ultra fine cerium oxide (ceria, CeO2) powder was synthesized by a thermochemical process and tested for its feasibility as an oxygen gas sensor. Procedures of the process consisted of the preparation of a precursor powder by spray drying a ceriumnitrate solution and the heat treatment in air to evaporate volatile components from the precursor, thereby forming nanostructured CeO2.


  • Bulk cerium oxide is an excellent catalyst for redox reactions and is used as an important additive in the three-way catalyst (TWC) for automotive exhaust gas treatment.

  • CeO2 nanoparticles protect against the progression of cardiac dysfunction and remodeling by attenuation of myocardial oxidative stress, ER stress, and inflammatory processes probably through their autoregenerative antioxidant properties.


  • In U.S. and in the countries of Europe and Asia to provide worldwide patent protection and to differentiate unique technology of the recently-developed CMP slurry based on self-activated cerium oxide particles.

  • Extensive Research and Development has led to the launch of a new soft-settling, premium grade, Cerium Oxide polish, Unicer 636, which can enhance productivity while cutting machine maintenance downtime, and reducing the possibility of 'sleeking'.

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