Chafing Gel Fuel

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  • Chafing Gel fuel is a compound of ethyl alcohol (ethanol) and organic pulp (cellulose). The composition of the fuel by weight is ethanol (76 %),  cellulose (5 %) and water (19 %).
  • The Gel Fuel Stove is a simple can structure with a regulator that sits in a basic metal frame. Fuel is poured into the can though the middle of the  regulator and lit with matches, quickly producing a developed blue flame of low carbon content.
  • Gel Fuel is approximately 75% liquid ethanol mixed with water and thickening agents which give it a high viscosity, roughly equal to the  consistency of mayonnaise, with a density of 0.71kg/L.
  • This product us also ideal heat sources for other uses Such as suits the family to cook meal, the stir-fried dish, boils water, manufactures the hot pot,  bakes, simultaneously suits travels on official business person, the student, the worker brings the cold food to heat up, to boil the instant noodle and  so on.
  • Chafing gel fuel is the best choice for the scientific research, the navigation, the fishery, the building work site, the pedal mountain, the traveling, the  geology, the school, the ordinary test chamber chemical test, the medical health, the army military training, the out-door worker and so on .
  • The gel fuel to be fully accepted by low-income households there is need for the government and the private sector to work out means of  reducing the cost of the fuel.
  • Dimethyl ether (DME) and ethanol or ethanol gel are new options that offer the potential for providing very large quantities of clean  cooking fuels for serving both rural and urban markets -- in some instances at costs lower than LPG prices.
  • The current shortage of fuel in the country, the rate at which traditional forests are being depleted and the escalating costs of electricity, gel fuel is  well placed to penetrate as a low-income household fuel for cooking.
  • Ethanol gel is prospectively producible at lower cost than LPG provides the basis for one promising approach for generating revenues to subsidize the provision of clean fuels for the poorest households -- taking advantage of the fact that, although LPG often is not affordable by the poorest  household, it is still affordable by more affluent households.
  • The programme developed a low cost gel fuel, produced by adding a thickening agent to ethanol, which achieved a step increase in safety over a  liquid fuel due to itís high viscosity.
  • A redesign and better manufacturing would solve most current problems but a moderate increase to the fuel viscosity (gelling) is needed to achieve  a better safety level.
  • The health damage cost would be greater than the fuel cost even using the more conservative human capital valuation of health damage costs in  rural China in 1995 according to the above-cited World Bank study: $ 3.7 billion or $ 34 per capita.
  • The use of gel fuel for heating up pressing irons when doing laundry was quite prevalent. On average 26 % of the gel fuel burning time was used for  ironing as compared to 17 % with paraffin. Gel fuel was significantly preferred for ironing than paraffin.
  • Report does not address the health impacts of either stove but it was the authorsí opinion that the SBS emitted considerably less smoke than the ICS, however users complained of an ethanol smell, eye irritation and soot which were also observed during laboratory testing.

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