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  • Chewing gum is a type of confectionery designed for fun and chewing. It is traditionally made of chicle, a natural latex product, or rubber.
  • The most popular flavors for chewing gum  are obtained from mint plants.
  • Chewing gums are made with five main ingredients: chewing gum base, sugar, corn syrup, softeners and flavorings.
  • In Extra sugar free gum, aspartame, mannitol and sorbitol replace sugar and corn syrup.
  • Chewing gum was made of a substance called chicle mixed with flavorings. Chicle is a latex sap that comes from the sapodilla tree
  • The chewing of gum is said to be the world's most common habit, with about 100,000 tons of it being consumed every year.
  • Gums and jellies can be formed in two ways: The traditional mogul plant deposits cooked Syrup into starch impressions, The product then undergoes drying during stove, before separated from the starch. With the Linhandle starchless molding system, cooked syrup is deposited at final Solids into molds. The finished products can then be demolded after a short period , eliminating the use of starch.
  • The UK gum confectionery market reached a value of $385 million. Chewing gum is the largest sector of the market, representing almost 96 percent of revenue. Within the UK gum confectionery market, the sugar free sector has experienced extremely high growth in recent years
  • Chewing gum is highly accepted as a drug delivery system, especially in smoking cessation.
  • Chewing gum producers continue to respond to the challenge of attracting consumers with several product, flavour and packaging innovations.

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