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  • Chipboard is made by bonding together wood particles with an adhesive under heat and pressure to form a rigid board with a relatively smooth surface. Chipboard is available in a number of densities; normal, medium and high-density. Normal density is fairly soft and 'flaky', high-density is very solid and hard (often used for worktops and fire doors) - medium density is somewhere in between.

  • Chipboard is normally available in 2440 x 1220 sheets (or subdivisions), finished veneered sheets are available in smaller sheets so that the four decorated edges do not need to be cut. Thicknesses range from 12 to 25 mm.

  • Particle board, also called chipboard, is an engineered wood product manufactured from wood particles, such as wood chips, sawmill shavings, or even saw dust, and a synthetic resin or other suitable binder, which is pressed and extruded. Particle board is a type of fiberboard, a composite material, but it is made up of larger pieces of wood than medium-density fibre board and hardboard


  • Raw materials of chipboard are:Chips (50% comes from waste of veneer industry without addition of minerals); Sawdust; Synthetic resin binder (harmless to the health).
  • Chipboard is produced from dried and graded chips mixed with resin which are formed into boards by curing in a heated press.


  • Chipboard industry is basically agriculture based. Mango & Poplar wood is raw material used for its production. Presently, 35 chipboard manufacturing units are working in Pakistan and producing varying quality of chipboard. Chip board is not only used in country but also exported to Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia & to Gulf States in form of furniture

  • Totally, 2004 saw a 2.2% rise in the export of solid-wood boards compared to the reference
    period of the previous year and this amounts to EUR 257.7 million. Imports, however, declined
    by 10.7% to EUR 88.6 million, leading to a 10.7% increase in the foreign-trade balance surplus.


  • Chipboard is used for the backing of notepads, backing of stacks of business forms, and in scrapbooking used to ship stacks of sheets of paper to scrapbook stores. Some manufacturers are making acid-free/lignin free chipboard specifically for use in making scrapbook pages. Chipboard can be used to create thickness in scrapbook page embellishments and monogram letters.

  • Chipboard is biodegradable so will contribute to green house gas production if allowed to rot in landfill sites. Chipboard can be used as mulch to prevent soil erosion and a composting agent to improve airflow and decomposition

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