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  • Laser cladding is a method of depositing material by which a powdered or wire feedstock material is melted and consolidated by use of a laser in order to coat part of a substrate or fabricate a near-net shape part.
  • Surface engineering is the sub-discipline of materials science which deals with the surface of solid matter.
  • Surface engineering techniques are being used in the automotive, aerospace, missile, power, electronic, biomedical , textile, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, steel, power, cement, machine tools, construction industries.


  • Some standards and codes of practice exist in Europe the America’s and Japan and there are national standards for tile quality available.

  • The durability of rendering and external wall tiling is influenced by factors such as adhesion strength of the materials, control of the surface cracking and crazing, build-up of internal stresses, moisture movement, atmospheric pollution, the condition of the background and the method of application.

  • Werzalit’s weatherboards offer outstanding protection from the weather and will provide sustained improvement in your home’s energy balance and the perfect heat insulation feature.


  • Advanced laser technology permits the integration of the main process steps into one machining center for a very efficient and flexible manufacturing process.
  • The current state of user-friendly and industrial-proven laser technology successfully supports the industrial applications of laser cladding and buildup.
  • The current system technology, laser optics, powder feeders and nozzles, as well as CAD/CAM software, permit an easy and efficient integration of the laser process into manufacturing systems.
  • Laser Processing will apply the technology for the repair of tools and dies and increase cladding efficiency further by using special plasma and induction based hybrid technologies.


  • To meet the special requirements of each certain application, robust and variably designed welding heads are necessary, which guarantee a stable and well-defined supply of the cladding powder into the laser induced melt pool.
  • Rocksilk RainScreen Slab is recommended for this application, as it is lightweight but rigid enough to resist the compression forces generated when installing the insulation slabs to the masonry substrate.
  • The Structural Cladding System has three applications: Standard Single Panel, Double Panel and Strip-Rendered Single Panel.


  • The CTS was commissioned by the ABCB to review and comment on their proposed Specification B1.2 which details the LHL test method for roof cladding systems.
  • Metal cladding was material non grata because it would interfere with communication signals, significantly compromising the 220,000-sf facility's mission to be a technology incubator.
  • The stocks of most Nu-Wall profiles are maintained in 5.0M & 6.0M lengths, all profiles are able to be drawn in custom lengths, subject to quantities required.

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