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Project Information Profile at a glance
  • Polishing and planarization are related in that polishing improves the flatness (planarity), smoothness and optical properties of a surface.
  • The chemicals in the slurry react with and/or weaken the material to be removed. The abrasive accelerates this weakening process and the polishing pad helps to wipe the reacted materials from the surface.
  • Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) is used during the semiconductor manufacturing process to planarize individual layers in complex integrated circuits to customer-specific parameters.
  • CMP is a critical technology in the planarization of multilevel metallization systems and in shallow trench isolations (STIs) in semiconductor manufacturing..
  • The technology of CMP is well established in the back-end of IC manufacturing, where it was developed to remove variations (bumps) in metallization layers of multi-layer PCB.
  • The shift to smaller CDs and the adoption of new technologies such as low-k dielectric materials and copper interconnect has increased the specifications and challenges for a smooth planar wafer surface.
  • The market for CMP equipment alone will reach almost $1 billion dollars in 2006. CMP slurry and CMP pad markets have also grown substantially in the last five years.

Content Headlines on CD ROM

  • Chemical-Mechanical Planarization
  • Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP)
  • CMP Slurries Characterization
  • Modeling Planarization
  • CMP Polishing Pad Effects

Manufacturing Process

  • CMP Process
  • Crystec Technology- CMP Process
  • Automated CMP Process
  • CMP Slurry In-Line Process Monitor
  • Handling and Filtration of Colloidal Silica CMP Slurries
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Measurement in Semiconductor Manufacturing and CMP Processes
  • Tungsten CMP Process Utilizing a Hard Porous Polishing Pad
  • Planarization Process
  • Defect Classification
  • Making CMP Work
  • Development and Implementation of 300mm Cu CMP Manufacturing Systems
  • POU Filtration of Silica-Based CMP Slurries
  • Preparations of Silica Slurry
  • CMP for Computer Chip Manufacturing


  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology
  • Hitachi Chemical Metal CMP Slurry
  • CMP Market And Technology Status
  • Tutorial on Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP)
  • CMP Slurry Polishing Technologies for Planarised Multi-layer Structures
  • CMP Slurry Polishing Technologies for Planarised Multi-layer Structures
  • CMP Tribo-Metrology
  • Cryogenic Cleaning
  • Cu CMP Technology
  • Improved Chemical Mechanical Planarization Pads
  • Cu-CMP for Dual Damascene Technology
  • Full Profile Inter-layer Dielectric CMP Analysis
  • Endpoint Detection in Chemical Mechanical Planarization Using Acoustic Emission
  • Oxide Polishing
  • Solid State Technology
  • Division of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry-India Status
  • Global Outlook for CMP Technology and Materials
  • CMP Slurry Composition- US Patent
  • United States Patent Class 257/E21.304
    By CMP(EPO)
  • About CMP Slurry Patents
Products and Design
  • ATDF Wafer Services-CMP Products
  • Wafer-Scale Chemical Mechanical Planarization
  • CMP R&D System
  • Dongjin-CMP Slurries
  • Slurry Blending and Distribution System
  • Pressure Measurement for CMP Filtration Systems
  • Slurry Design for Chemical Mechanical Polishing

Equipments Needed

  • Chemical Mechanical Polishing(CMP) Slurry Feeder Equipment
  • Wet Process Equipment


  • CMP Application
  • Shallow Trench Isolation
  • CMP and Wastewater Treatment

Monitoring and Safety

  • CMP Slurry Continuous Monitoring and Control
  • Online Monitoring of CMP Slurries
  • CMP Supply Systems Safety
Market Reports and Future Forecast
  • Cabot-Stockholders Annual Meeting 2006
  • Cabot Microelectronics-Annual Report 2005
  • Fujifilm Annual Report 2006
  • IEEE International Interconnect Technology Conference-2005
  • Global CMP Market to Reach Nearly $3.3 Billion By 2008
  • Sinmat
  • Chemical Mechanical Polishing Equipment and Materials- Market Analysis
  • Taiwan Market Forecast for Electronic Chemicals

Manufacturing Companies

  • Slurry Distribution
  • DuPont AirProducts NanoMaterials
  • MFI™ for CMP Slurry Outlier Analysis
  • DuPont- Fabrication Materials
  • Rohm and Haas Expands Delaware Slurry Manufacturing Operations
  • Cabot Microelectronics Completes New North America Slurry Manufacturing Facility
  • Hitachi in North America-Group Companies and Affiliates
  • Samsung Company Profile
  • Website of Membrane Manufacturers

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