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General Information

  • CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas.
  • CNG is a safe fuel.
  • It is one of the most viable alternatives to traditional fuel energy resources for the automotive industry.
  • There are three basic types of CNG refuelling stations : Fast fuelling stations , Slow fuelling stations , Combined Fast and Slow fuelling stations .


  • CNG technology is in a state of evolution and therefore changing all commercial vehicles to single-fuel CNG might not be feasible.
  • CNG kit manufacturing involves assembly of several components and sub assemblies, which include high-pressure cylinders, cylinder valves, vapour bags, pressure regulators, venturimeters, safety valves, linear load valves, mixers and high-pressure solenoids. The cylinder is made from a single piece of special steel alloy, with no welded joints.
  • The equipment required for CNG to be delivered to an Otto-cycle engine includes a pressure regulator (a device that converts the natural gas from storage pressure to metering pressure) and a gas mixer or gas injectors (fuel metering devices).


  • CNG vehicle is more energy efficient.
  • CNG allows the use of catalytic converter more efficiently than diesel.
  • Compared to petrol or diesel, CNG vehicles emit 40% less of nitrous oxide (a toxic gas that creates smog), 90% less of hydrocarbons (which carry carcinogens), 80% less of carbon monoxide (a poisonous pollutant), and 25% less of carbon dioxide (a major greenhouse gas).


  • CNG used as a transportation fuel.
  • CNG can be used in Otto-cycle (gasoline) and modified Diesel cycle engines.
  • CNG vehicles have been introduced in a wide variety of commercial applications, from light-duty trucks and sedans - like taxi cabs, to medium-duty trucks - like UPS delivery vans and postal vehicles, to heavy-duty vehicles like transit buses, street sweepers (pictured right) and school buses.


  • Natural Gas is expected to be the fastest growing component of the world’s primary energy consumption.
  • The demand for CNG kits is directly related to the vehicular consumption and demand for CNG. A recent report estimates 3.5 million CNG vehicles worldwide.
  • With the consumption of CNG increasing nationwide 145 percent over the past six years, the fueling infra-structure for natural gas vehicles continues to grow.

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