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  • Cold storages are meant to preserve the perishable commodities of food items for a longer period with retention of the original colour, Flavour and taste.
  • Cold Storage is a special kind of room, the temperature of, which is kept very low with the help of machines and precision instruments.
  • Cold storage of fruits and vegetables was used extensively by our ancestors to keep food after the harvest season. In modern times, the year round availability of fresh produce in the supermarket has reduced the use of home storage.


  • There are two process freezing techniques - contact freezing and air blast freezing.
  • Built-in-place cold storage can be constructed out of wood pole and post, steel and/or concrete block. The construction cost will depend on labor cost and on the type of materials used for the frame, walls, floor, ceiling and insulation.


  • The development of cold storage industry has an important role to play in reducing the wastages of the perishable commodities and provide remunerative prices to the growers.
  • Demand for cold storage is expected to continue increasing for the long-run. Contract warehousing, in particular, is expected to gain market share over time.
  • The present cold storage capacity in the Country is grossly inadequate and with a positive future outlook for the agro, food processing, retail and pharmaceutical industry there is an urgent need to scale up and develop integrated cold chain facilities across the Country.

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