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  • Surrogacy is a method of assisted reproduction whereby a woman agrees to become pregnant for the purpose of gestating and giving birth to a child for others to raise. She may be the child's genetic mother (the more traditional form of surrogacy), or she may be implanted with an unrelated embryo.

  • Though surrogacy can be a very complex and expensive process, it often provides great happiness for hopeful parents-to-be.

  • There are two main types of surrogacy. Traditional (Straight) Surrogacy , Gestational (Host) Surrogacy

  • In traditional surrogacy the surrogate is pregnant with her own biological child, but this child was conceived with the intention of relinquishing the child to be raised by others; often by the biological father and possibly his partner, either male or female. The child may be conceived via sexual intercourse or artificial insemination.

  • In gestational surrogacy the surrogate is pregnant via embryo transfer with a child of which she is not the biological mother. She may have made an arrangement to relinquish it to the biological mother or father to raise, or to a parent who is themselves unrelated to the child (e. g. because the child was conceived using egg donation, sperm donation or is a donated embryo). The surrogate mother may be called the gestational carrier.

  • Altruistic surrogacy is a situation where the surrogate receives no financial reward for her pregnancy or the relinquishment of the child.

  • Surrogates may be relatives, friends, or individuals specifically recruited through agencies who do this for a payment (as in commercial surrogacy), but also altruistically.

  • Surrogacy can also be pursued through an agency that specializes in the process. Surrogacy agencies recruit women who wish to become gestational carriers.

  • Surrogacy is a hot topic in the Indian media right now - and newspapers, magazines and TVs are full of talk-shows and reports as to how India is poised to become the next surrogacy outsourcing capital of the world.

  • Not only does India have a number of successful IVF clinics; there are a lot of women who are willing to be surrogates , so that surrogacy costs a fraction of what it would in the West. While a surrogacy treatment cycle would be about US $ 50000 in the US, it is about one half to one fifth the price in India.

  • There is no specific law in India surrounding surrogacy and the rights of the surrogate mother over the biological parents. The Indian legal system recognizes the birth mother as the legal mother of the child but The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has formulated some rules to be followed by IVF clinics to protect the surrogate and biological parents.

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