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  • The commodity market is a market, where commodities are bought and sold.
  • The commodity market differs from a regular market by a specific organizational form of trading according to established rules.
  • The main function of the commodity exchange is assurance of regular communication between buyers and sellers, when transactions are carried out with available batches of goods.
  •  The exchange, while developing, started establishing trade customs, commodity standards, standard contracts, performing price  quotations, resolving dispute, etc.
  • Commodity Markets and Commodity Futures are a mechanism for hedging.
  • The leverage in trading commodity markets is impressive.
  • A community must somehow believe that the commodity instrument is real, enforceable, and well worth paying for.
  • The law of demand and it's application to fundamental analysis of commodities rests upon an understanding of consumer behavior.
  • In the commodity futures exchanges the peak value of trading have touched Rs 15,000 crore on some days with the average around of Rs 6,000 crore.
  • Open interests in certain commodities such as gold, silver, rubber, pepper, soya are also substantial.
  • The modern commodity markets have their roots in the trading of agricultural products
  • For centuries, sugar has been a highly valued and widely traded commodity.
  • The main advantages of a call option are protection against higher prices, limited liability with no margin deposits, and the potential to benefit from lower cash prices.
  • The National Commodity Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX) has emerged as the largest commodity futures exchange.
  • The policy vision of the Indian commodity futures markets is converting India into a global hub at least in the major commodities in the economy.
  • Freedom in the commodity futures market was won after long, pitched battles.Cash prices are the prices for which the commodity is sold at the various market locations.
  • The futures price represents the current market opinion of what the commodity will be worth at some time in the future.
  • The Government of India recognised three nation-wide multi commodity exchanges to promote a healthy, competitive futures market. It was rightly presumed that there is room for multiple players to grow in size and stature in the huge commodity economy of India.
All About Commodity Markets
  • Commodity Markets
  • Commodity Operations
  • Agriculture Commodity Markets
  • Agricultural Market Prospects-EU
  • Agricultural Products
  • Options
  • Post-Harvest Marketing
  • Reform-Africa
  • Stabilisation
  • Smallholders
  • Oil Market
  • Gold
  • Marketing Terms
  • Technical Analysis
  • Alternatives To Chart Analysis
  • Renewable Energy Markets
  • Bear Put Spread
  • Bull Call Spread
  • Livestock Basis
  • Combinatorial Information Market
  • Electronic Commodity
  • Niche Marketing
  • Commodity Bull Market
  • Commodity Derivatives Market-India
Commodity Exchange
  • Significance
  • Multi Commodity Exchange Education Series- I
  • MCE Education Series -II
  • MCE Education Series-III
  • Commodity Exchange-Tokyo
  • New York Mercantile Exchange
  • CME Commodity Products

  • Metals Hedging
  • Buying Hedge
  • Selling Hedge
  • Hedging Milk

Marketing Plan
  • Broker
  • Marketing Club
  • Effective Sourcing Plan
  • Commodity Marketing Plan
  • Commodity Finance

Risk Factors and  Risk Management
  • Premium Values
  • Market Risk
  • U.S. Grains Markets
  • Price Risk Management
  • Risk Management Tool

User Guide
  • Gams
  • Gsci Manual
  • Ag Innovation Guide
  • Fruit and Vegetable Market
  • Commodity Challenge

  • Stock Market-2006
  • Commodity Market Review
  • Commodity Exchange Act
  • Production Reports
  • Farm Commodity Programs
  • Cheese Prices
  • Grain Basis
  • Milk Pricing
  • Global Commodity Price Prospects
  • Livestock  Price
  • Option Pricing
  • Price Convergence
  • Call Options
  • Put Option
  • Rolling Up
  • Seasonal Index
  • Seasonality
  • Window Strategy
  • Primary Commodity Prices
  • Natural Gas
  • Commodity Price Report

Forward Contracts
  • Conditions of Contract
  • Soybean Futures Contract
  • Minimum Price Contract
  • Buying Options-Future Contracts
  • Weather Contracts

Commodity Future Markets

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Futures & Options
  • Commodity Futures-India
  • Marketplace Action
  • Mechanics-Futures Markets
  • Customer Agreement
  • OneChicago
  • Cocoa
  • Coffee
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Cotton
  • Currency
  • Ethanol
  • Glossary
  • Metals Futures
  • Pulp
  • Futures Trading
  • Specifications
  • Sugar
  • Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd.
  • Soybean Industry
  • Informa Economics, Inc.
  • National Futures Association

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