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  • Confectionery is a set of food items that are rich in sugar; modern usage may include substances rich in artificial sweeteners as well.
  • Confectionery items include sweets, lollipops, candy bars, chocolate, Cotton candy, and other sweet items of snack food.
  •  The world wide demand for chocolate confectionery is increasing, with the EU being the world’s largest confectionery producer.
  • The Indian confectionery market is segmented into sugar-boiled confectionery, chocolates, mints and chewing gums. Sugar-boiled confectionery, consisting of hard boiled candy, toffees and other sugar-based candies, is the largest of the segments and valued at around Rs 2,000 crore.
  • Emerging markets already provide one-third of the company’s confectionery revenues and represent its main source of growth.
  • This segment of the food processing industry, which is the second largest in India with an annual turnover of Rs1,500 crore.
  • The bread market is estimated to be growing at around 7% pa in volume terms, and the biscuit industry in the recent years has witnessed a little higher growth at around 8-10% pa.
  • The confectionery industry has a current capacity of 85,000 tonnes and the growth rate per annum is 10-15%.
  • In india the total bakery production is estimated at 1.5 million ton in bread and 1.1 mn ton in biscuit production. The cake industry is estimated at 0.4 mn ton.

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