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  • Cotton is a soft, staple fiber that grows around the seeds of the cotton plant .
  • The cotton industry relies heavily on chemicals such as fertilizers and insecticides.
  • Cotton is a white fibrous substances composed of the hairs surrounding the seeds of the cotton plant.
Planting and Cultivation
  • Planting cotton should be done when soil temperature at the 2" depth at 8:00 a.m. reaches 68 degrees F for three consecutive days.
  • In very mild areas, where warm summers are predicted, it is worth trying to grow the plant outdoors.
  • Red spider mite can be a problem, especially on plants grown in greenhouses or under glass. This can be treated with an insecticidal soap spray, or by frequent misting the plants with water.


  • The cotton fibre is made primarily into yearns and threads for use in the textile and apparel sectors .
  • Cotton is used to make a number of textile products.
  • In addition to the textile industry, cotton is used in fishnets, coffee filters, tents, gunpowder , cotton paper, and in bookbinding.
  • The cottonseed which remains after the cotton is ginned is used to produce cottonseed oil, which, after refining, can be consumed by humans like any other vegetable oil.


  • Cotton demand is strongly influenced by comparative prices vis--vis man-made fibres (artificial and synthetic fibres).
  • Strong growth in textile exports and strong economic growth, leading to increased domestic demand, are encouraging increased mill consumption of cotton in India.
  • Expanding cotton consumption in India will maintain upward pressure on Indian market prices and will encourage increased production.

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