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General & Process

  • Supercritical fluid includes high diffusivity, low surface tension, low dielectric constant, and continuously variable density.
  • Carbon dioxide is in its supercritical fluid state when both the temperature and pressure equal or exceed the critical point of 31C and 73 atm.
  • In its supercritical state, CO2 has both gas-like and liquid-like qualities, and it is this dual characteristic of supercritical fluids that provides the ideal conditions for extracting compounds with a high degree of recovery in a short period of time.
  • Supercritical fluid technology, in which water and carbon dioxide are solvents, provides high-speed reactions, control of reactions and is a basic technology for decentralizing processes.


  • Supercritical fluid technology (SFT) has been used in many fields for decades, such as the food industry, chemical processing, polymers, textile, forest product industries, and in the cleaning of precision parts other than pharmaceuticals.
  • The supercritical fluid extraction(SFE) experiments were carried out on four different commercial instruments. Based on the results obtained from this work to-date, it would appear that SFE can be successfully used to replace Soxhlet extractions for a wide range of textile and fiber applications.
  • The gas-antisolvent crystallization and rapid expansion of supercritical(SC) fluid emerge as attractive methods for micron-size particle formation.
  • Supercritical fluid (SCF) technology has been in commercial use for the past 30 years as an environmentally benign, energy- and cost- saving tool in various industries, particularly for the decaffeination of coffee and tea and for the extraction of flavors and essential oils from natural sources.
  • The high level of interest in Supercritical Fluid (SCF) Technology first appeared as a result of the environmental benefits associated with their replacement of organic solvents.


  • Supercritical fluid extraction is an emerging analytical technique that has the potential to both reduce extraction times of textile substrates by a factor of 5-10 and to drastically reduce the amount of solvent required for analysis of extractables.
  • A two-stage technology employing green solvents such as supercritical CO2 (SC-CO2) and supercritical water (SCW) for the extraction and destruction of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)/polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from contaminated soils/sediments is proposed.
  • Rapid Expansion of Supercritical Solutions (RESS) processing is used to prepare microspheres.

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