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Bromine and bromo-compounds have wide range of uses in chemical and other uses. It is used for the manufacture of dye intermediate & dye stuffs, drugs & pharmaceutical products, photography chemicals, insecticides, fuming agents, antiknock gasoline, fire retardants, in textile industry and in oil exploration.
The bromine available for extraction occurs as bromide in the ocean, in salt lakes and in brine or saline deposits left by evaporation of such waters by solar heat. Sea bitterns, the left over concentrated solution after the crystallizing out of salt from the sea water, are very rich in bromine and offers a good raw material for the manufacture of bromine
The production of bromine offers a good prospects to those entrepreneurs who has access to sea bittern.
Bromine producers have formed the Bromine Science and Environmental Forum to tout the safety and value of bromine products, including bromine based flame retardants
United States is the major world producer of Bromine, followed by Israel
Recovery of Bromine form seawater is mainly done in US, erstwhile USSR, Italy and Japan.
Indian requirements are largely met by imports.

Blood Bags

Blood Bags are Plasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride bags (PVC) containers and are a complete system with collection tube, outlet ports & an integral needle. It is a disposable bio-medical device used for collection, storage, transportation and transfusion of human blood and blood components. The Blood Bags are made of plastic material, which is compatible with blood.
Globally, approximately 75 million blood bags are collected annually ( Source: WHO ). Major blood bag manufacturers globally include Baxter Bioscience, USA; Bayer Corporation, USA; and Octapharma AG, Switzerland.
With the increasing global demand for Blood Bags and growth rate of its market being 10 percent annually, the business for the potential investor is desirable and is expected to generate high returns from the business. The investor would need to set up highly standardized plant as the demand for these products largely depend on their quality.
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Buttons for Garments Industry

Buttons are the essential requirements for all the dresses and garments used by every society. To day, due to certain inherent advantages, buttons made of plastic materials have completely replaced the other conventional materials like wood, metal etc. Availability in attractive colours ease of fabrication to designed shape and size, light weight, anti-corrosive characteristics have made plastic buttons a favourite choice of garment designers. Ease in matching the shade of buttons with the textiles, versatility in designs to meet the requirements of changing fashion and comparatively lower cost have further added to the popularity of plastic buttons Plastic buttons are mainly manufactured from polyster sheets or acrylic sheets by die punching technique and from Urea formaldehyde moulding powder by compression moulding technique. Garment manufacturers for export and tailors are the main users of buttons. There is always a ready demand for buttons as once used they are not reused. It has been found that tailors are generally not brand –conscious and they buy buttons regardless of brand name. It is found that at times there is a shortage of buttons supplied in the market .There is good scope for setting up plastic button manufacturing units
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Sports Drinks

People drink sports drinks to rapidly replace the fluids and electrolytes lost through sweat, and provide energy for active muscles. Sweating is the body's way of cooling down, but dehydration is the penalty to pay. Drinking sports drinks during physical activity can reduce dehydration to zero and that's best for how an athlete feels and performs. Physical activity also increases our need for the carbohydrate energy that some sports drinks provide.
Sports drink Contents:
Carbohydrate - about 6% (14g/8oz. serving) for optimum fluid absorption and energy. Appropriate mixtures include sucrose, glucose, and fructose. Drinks containing only fructose to be avoided--too much slows fluid absorption and causes abdominal cramps.
Sodium, which stimulates fluid absorption, maintains the desire to drink, helps the body retain water, and enhances taste. Taste preferences change during and after exercise, such that we prefer slightly "salty" beverages.
No carbonation, which can cause stomach discomfort.No caffeine, which can promote dehydration.
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Gabapentin is an anticonvulsant that is chemically unrelated to any other anticonvulsant or mood regulating medication. Gabapentin received final approval for marketing in the USA on 30 December 1993 and is labeled only for use as an anticonvulsant. It is also widely used to treat individuals suffering from many kinds of pain problems, tremors, restless legs syndrome, hot flashes associated with menopause, and various psychiatric disorders.
Generic forms of gabapentin are available in the USA as the manufacturer no longer has patent protection.
Gabapentin is currently available in about 45 countries.
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Ginkgo Biloba

The World wide sales of Ginkgo biloba (extract taken from the leaves) was reported as reaching an estimated U.S. $500 million in 1991. In Europe, commercially available preparations based on the commercial product EGb 761 had a turnover of about $500 million a year estimated in 1993.1 It has been reported that the sales in the United States reached approximately $240 million in 1997.2

The average Ginkgo biloba preparation is a 50:1 extract standardized to 24% of the Ginkgo flavone glycosides. This is made from the leaves and usually extracted with acetone and water All gingko leaves are sourced from cultivation because hardly any wild populations exist. The main supplier countries are China, Japan, North Korea and South Korea. Every year between 1.5 million and 2 million kg of ginkgo leaves are harvested for medicinal purposes worldwide. A third of this is used in Germany (WWF Journal 2000), where Schabe manufactures and markets a gingko product under the name of Tebonin. Tebonin is the leading herbal medicine product in Europe with annual sales in 1996 of more than US$ 200 million. It is among the top 10 best selling herbs in the UK
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