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  • Cyclodextrins comprise a family of three well-known industrially produced major, and several rare, minor cyclic oligosaccharides. The three major CDs are crystalline, homogeneous, nonhygroscopic substances, which are torus-like macro-rings built up from glucopyranose units.

  • Cyclodextrin (CD) is synthesized by bacterial cyclodextrin glycosyl transferase (CG Tase) and is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and agricultural industries. The b- CD produced using partially purified and crude CGTase were compared and found to have no significant difference in yield and productivity. The appropriate proportion of CG Tase to sago starch for b-CD production was determined by response surface methodology.


  • The phase-solubility technique permits the evaluation of the affinity between β-cyclodextrin and celecoxib in water. Phase-solubility studies were performed according to the method reported by Higuchi and Connors.

  •  cyclodextrin derivatives with special substituents or substitution pattern, purification of CDs under controlled cGMP conditions, cyclodextrin derivatives optimized for a particular molecule substituted maltooligomers and special glucose derivatives derived from cyclodextrins, cyclodextrin-assisted organic syntheses, reproduction and evaluation of syntheses reported in the literature, standardized preparation methods, scaling-up synthetic procedures for the preparation of selected CD derivatives.


  • Beta-cyclodextrin (BCD) is a kind of oligosaccharides generated from starch under the action of Glucose transfers, with particular closed cartridge molecular structure. It can be used as inclusion substance for many kinds of materials

  • Cyclodextrin are used in food formulations for flavour protection or flavour delivery. The major benefits are stabilisation, odour control and process improvement upon conversion of a liquid ingredient to a solid form. It can be used extensively in Cosmetics, Agricultural and Chemical industries.


  • Dietary fibres are thought to support gut health and may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and other diet-related disease. Nutritionists recommend a daily fibre intake of 25 - 30g but most people in the western world do not get enough fibre in their daily diet.

  • cyclodextrin products, marketed under the Cavamax brand name. The company, which generates annual sales of 2.7 billion, also makes the Omega Dry omega oil powders and has launched the first non-animal and non-human derived L-cysteine for the food market.

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