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  • Synonym of 1,3 Cyclohexanedione is Dihydroresorcinol. Molecular formula for 1,3 Cyclohexanedione is C6H8O2. It is a light yellow to yellow coloured, crystalline material. Melting point of 1,3 Cyclohexanedione is 103.0-105.0C.


  • Dihydroresorcinol has been prepared by the reduction of resorcinol with sodium amalgam, by reduction of hydroxyhydroquinone or its carboxylic acid with sodium amalgam, by hydrolysis of its dioxime, or by cyclization of ethyl γ-acetylbutyrate. The present method of preparation is essentially that of Klingenfuss.

  • Dihydroresorcinol is unstable; it can be stored only a short time. If it is not used immediately, it should be stored under an inert gas in a brown bottle in a refrigerator.


  • Aliphatic aldehydes can be converted to fluorescent decahydroacridine derivatives by reaction with 1,3-cyclohexanedione (CHD) in the presence of ammonium sulfate or ammonium acetate. These derivatives have good chromatographic properties and excellent fluorescence yields.

  • Cyclohexanedione treatment of VLDL(very low density) prior to its injection into the volunteers substantially altered the metabolic behavior of its apolipoprotein B moiety.

  • Maize genotypes with tolerance to weed-controlling rates of cyclohexanedione and/or aryloxyphenoxypropionate herbicides would allow selective postemergence control of grass weeds in maize.


  • Cyclohexanedione and aryloxyphenoxypropionate herbicides are mutually exclusive noncompetitive inhibitors of maize ACCase, suggesting that both herbicides bind the enzyme at the same site.
  • The product 1,3-cyclohexanedione (CHD) and substituted derivatives thereof are useful for making a variety of pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical products.

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