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  • Cyclohexylamine, also called hexahydroaniline, 1-aminocyclohexane, or aminohexahydrobenzene, is an organic chemical, an amine derived from cyclohexane.
  • It is a clear to yellowish liquid with fishy odor, with melting point of -17.7 C and boiling point 134.5 C, miscible with water.
  • It is toxic by both ingestion and inhalation; the inhalation itself may be fatal.
  •  It readily absorbs through skin, which it irritates & It is corrosive.
  • Analysis by microdiffractometry showed that the crystals on all objects were crystals of cyclohexylamine hydrochloride, C6H13NAHCl.
  • Cyclohexylamine and other compounds such as morpholine and diethylaminoethanol, are commonly used as vapour phase corrosion inhibitors  in steam generation and distribution systems required for industrial heating or humidification.
  • Cyclohexylamine is used as an intermediate in synthesis of some herbicides, antioxidants, accelerators for vulcanization, pharmaceuticals, analgesics, and bronchodilators, corrosion inhibitors, some sweeteners

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