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Information @ a Glance


  • Dextrose is a type of sugar.
  • Dextrose is the fundamental monomer of all starchy products.
  • Dextrose (AKA glucose) is a high GI (glycemic index), fast absorbing type of simple carbohydrate.
  • It allows our Chemical Industry customers to produce the chemical structures they need from renewable resources.
  • It is available in various granulometry and crystalline structure, tailored towards specific customer needs.
  • Our highest purity dextrose is available in liquid powder form, as well as a liquid.

Analysis Process

  • Dextrose is produced by enzyme hydrolysis of starch (e.g., from corn) or cellulose (e.g., from woody biomass).
  • The effect of bovine somatotropin (bST) in mid-lactating Nili-Ravi buffaloes (n = 18) given varying levels of Enzose (corn dextrose) in a urea-treated wheat straw (UTWS).
  • Starch is liquefied and saccharified using an enzyme-enzyme conversion process to produce dextrose syrups.
  • A laboratory-scale cross-flow microfiltration system was used to clarify the hydrolysate to obtain a 99% yield (VCR of 100) of the clarified dextrose syrup.
  • When plane polarized light is passed through a dextrose solution, the plane of polarization is rotated as the result of optical activity of the carbohydrates.


  • Dextrose is used by bodybuilders and athletes to induce an insulin spike and replace glycogen in muscle cells which is lost during training.
  • Acid-citrate-dextrose (ACD) was superior to EDTA and heparin for preservation of neutrophil function in banked blood.
  • The efficacy of simple dextrose prolotherapy in elite kicking-sport athletes with chronic groin pain from osteitis pubis and/or adductor tendinopathy has been determined.
  • 10% Dextrose Injection solution in contact with the plastic bag can leach out certain of its chemical components in very small amounts, however, testing was supportive of the safety of the plastic container materials.

Market & Report

  • Similar to glucose syrup, the dominant beverage use of dextrose is in malt beverages, largely reflecting growth in light beer consumption.
  • Use of dextrose in dairy products is by far the smallest domestic market, representing less than 1 percent of dextrose use in domestic food and beverage products.
  • An experiments show an average consumption per gram weight of heart muscle per hour of 1. 3 milligrams of dextrose.
  • It has been reported that hyperosmolar dextrose, applied intragastrically, has a preventive effect by providing direct energy to the gastric

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