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  • The botanical name of Davana is Artemisia pallens. It is known as Davana or Davanam in Tamil, Marathi and Kannada. 
  • Davana is mostly cultivated in the red soil regions in South India. It comes up very well in rich loamy soils.
  • The extract of the flower heads and fresh leaves is the Davana essential oil. The oil is brown in colour with a fine scent.
  • It finds use in perfumeries and as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent.
  • Oil of Davana is used in expensive perfume compositions. The oil is also being used for flavouring cakes, pastries, tobacco and some of the costly beverages.
  • Davana oil soothes rough, dry and chapped skin and stimulates the endocrine system. Several species of Davana yield essential oil and some are used as fodder. 
  • Davana is widely used in Iraqi and Indian folk medicine for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. For growing in one acre, an initial investment of Rs.11,000 is required. In about 4 months, a net return of Rs.7,000 can be expected through production of the herb. If distilled, an additional profit of Rs.6,500 can be obtained from an acre. 
  • The demand for Davana in the global market is growing up steadily. India is the only producer and exporter of Davana oil. The oil produced in these areas of South India is exported mainly to western countries. 
  • The present country's production of Davana oil is estimated to be around 750 to 900 kgs. per annum. A few number of units produce Davana oil in the country to meet the requirements. In India, Davana oil has not attained popularity because of its high price. Nevertheless USA, Europe, Japan are showing increasing interest for use in perfumes, cakes, pastries, tobacco and also a few of the costly beverages. 

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