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  • Dimethyl carbonate, often abbreviated DMC, is a flammable clear liquid boiling at 90 C, insoluble in water.
  • Dimethyl carbonate is a synthetic organic chemical used as an intermediate in the production of insecticides for fruit trees and vegetables and, more generally, as a solvent and an intermediate in other synthesis.
  • Its main benefit over other methylating reagents such as iodomethane and dimethyl sulfate is its lesser toxicity and its biodegradability.


  • Dimethyl carbonate was usually produced from methanol and phosgene in a concentrated sodium hydroxide solution.
  • The transesterification process is one of the dimethyl carbonate production processes. In this process, ethylene carbonate with methanol is transesterificated to dimethyl carbonate.


  • Dimethyl carbonate is a useful methylation and carbonylation agent.
  • Dimethyl carbonate is very attractive as for use as an oxygenate for fuel additives.
  • Dimethyl carbonate has strong growth potential as a phosgene replacement in some applications and as a highoxygen high-octane fuel additive.


  • Enichem has commercialized a continuous solution slurry-phase process for preparation of dimethyl carbonate (DMC) via the copper catalyzed oxidative carbonylation of methanol. In past years, the capacity of this plant is 22 million pounds/year with worldwide demand approximately half of this amount. Recently in Japan Ube industries has completed construction of a semi commercial plant with a capacity of 11-22 million pounds per year.
  • Recently, dimethyl carbonate has attracted worldwide attention as an environmentally compatible chemical.

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