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Information @ a Glance

  • Disposable paper products includes Cotton wool/buds/pads; Incontinence products; Kitchen towels; Nappies/diapers/pants; Sanitary protection; Tissues; Toilet paper; Wipes; Boxed facial tissues; Disposable pants; Economy toilet paper; Feminine hygiene wipes; Household care wipes; Light incontinence products; Luxury toilet paper; Moderate/heavy incontinence products; Napkins; Nappies/diapers; Pantyliners; Personal wipes; Pocket handkerchiefs; Recycled toilet paper; Standard toilet paper; Tablecloths; Tampons; Towels.
  • The entry of multinational players throughout the disposable paper products market beyond the most lucrative sanitary protection products and nappies/diapers/pants, and investments in educational and marketing activities to create brand and product awareness, are likely to remain key to increasing usage among the urban consumers in coming years.
  • Some of the leading companies in India Johnson & Johnson Ltd, Kimberly-Clark Lever Ltd etc.
  • The Indian disposable paper products market grew by almost 11% in current value terms in 2004, with value sales amounting to just under Rs7.1 billion.
  • Annual growth in the value of retail sales of disposable paper products is not anticipated to exceed 3% between 2002 and 2006.

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