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  • Drying and preserving flowers and plant materials is a form of artistic expression that was very popular during the Victorian age and has once again gained popularity.


  • The processing of dried flowers involves drying, bleaching and colouring after their collection.
  • Methods used for removing water from plant parts are air-drying, sun drying, oven drying, embedding (sand, borax, silica gel and combination of these materials), glycerining (Glycerinating), microwave oven drying, freeze-drying and press drying.


  • For drying of flowers and foliage number of dehydration techniques are practiced which vary according to the suitability of any species and the purpose for which dehydrated material is required.
  • These methods are air-drying, sun drying, solar dryer, hot air oven drying, microwave drying, freeze drying and vacuum drying etc.


  • India is one of the major exporters of dried flowers to the tune of 5% world trade in dry flowers.

  • This industry shows a growth rate of 15% annually.

  • Potpourris is a major segment of dry flower industry valued at Rs. 55 crores in India alone.

  • Dried flowers being cheap and everlasting are fast becoming a favorite among the adventurous flower lovers across the globe some what on the expense of fresh flowers.

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