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  • An egg is a round or oval body laid by the female of many animals, consisting of an ovum surrounded by layers of membranes and an outer casing, which acts to nourish and protect a developing embryo and its nutrient reserves.

  • Most edible eggs, including bird eggs and turtle eggs, consist of a protective, oval eggshell, the albumen (egg white), the vitellus (egg yolk), and various thin membranes.

  • Nutritionally, eggs are considered a good source of protein and choline.


  • Phosphates can be used in the processing of whole egg and egg white products offering several functions which aid final product stability.

  • Wet egg yolk is combined with edible oil by high energy, high shear mixing. During mixing cholesterol is extracted from the yolk by the oil. Simultaneously the ratio of polyunsaturated fat to saturated fat in the yolk is increased. The wet yolk is separated from the oil and can be made a constituent of various egg products.


  • Grading is a form of quality control used to divide a variable commodity or product into a number of classes.

  • Commercially, eggs are graded simultaneously for exterior and interior quality. When determining the grade of an egg, the factor with the lowest grade will determine the overall grade of the egg.

  • Egg grades include AA quality, A quality, B quality, and dirty. Only AA and A quality eggs are sold for supermarkets.

  • Yolk quality is related to its appearance, texture, firmness, and smell.

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