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  • The term elastomer is often used interchangeably with the term rubber, and is preferred when referring to vulcanisates.

  • Elastomer comes from two terms, elastic (describing the ability of a material to return to its original shape when a load is removed) and mer (from polymer, in which poly means many and mer means parts).

  • Elastomers are long polymer chains above their glass transition temperature. Elastomers are usually lightly crosslinked and are easily deformed.

  • Common elastomers include polybutadiene (used in shoe soles), polyisobutylene (used in automobile tires), and polyisoprene (natural rubber).


  • Processing of elastomers includes extrusion, molding, Flash Removal, Curing.

  • Polyurethanes can be molded, either by blending and pouring manually the liquid reactive raw material in a mold or by using fully integrated casting equipment.

  • TPE-S compound from VTC Franceschetti Elastomeri can be easily processed using the conventional machines and tools for thermoplastics. The final properties of product are determined by the choice of the material grade, the processing conditions (temperature, pressure/speed and so on), and tool-geometry/surface-finish.


  • Nanolok Technology is used For High Barrier Applications. Nanolokô coatings start as aqueous suspensions of nanodispersed silicates in a polymer matrix. They are environmentally friendly, and can be applied via standard coating processes to rubber substrate.

  • Nanolokô technology provides the highest gas barrier of any polymeric coating available on the market today.


  • Tires are a classic example of a product made from carefully optimized compounds consisting of several synthetic and natural rubber compounds along with numerous reactive agents and carbon and silica particles.

  • Elastomers like plasticized PVC are used widely in toys and consumer items.

  • Polyamide based elastomers provide some of the most extraordinary strength and toughness properties known and are used in top of the line sports gear and clothing.

  • Silicone based elastomers and fluoropolymer elastomers are used in high temperature applications.

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