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  • e-Learning is the convergence of the web and learning on all levels, whether it be elementary school, college, or business.

  • e-Learning is made up of several methods of learning, which are enhanced or facilitated by technology. As a component of e-Learning, web-based or online learning is likely to be the fastest-growing method for delivering education and training.


  • The biggest advantage of elearning is that it eliminates the expense and inconvenience of getting the instructor and students in the same place. Corporations save at least 50–70% when replacing instructor-led training with electronic content delivery.

  • Individuals learn in an interactive environment, but with the benefits of being able to take the course from their own office or desk, without the time and travel implications of a normal classroom based training programme.


  • The eLearning arena has also embraced other technology innovations. Synchronous collaboration tools, which allow physically distant learners to share a " Virtual classroom" over Internet-protocol networks, offer a far less expensive alternative to satellite-based videoconferencing systems and thus have broadened use of this type of learning.


  • The global education and training market is a $2 trillion industry, with $740 billion in the U.S. Approximately 10% of the $740 billion is “for-profit” business.

  • The growth rate for the different education and training markets is projected at 10-15% but, at least in the corporate sector, e- Learning will far outstrip classroom training over the next few years, claiming almost half of the overall corporate training market.

  • The current market for self-paced eLearning products and services in the US is $10.02 billion, growing by five year CAGR of 30.8% and will reach $38.1 billion by 2011.

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