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SME Initiative offers hot prospect for recovery of electronic waste

Although printed circuit boards include significant quantities of copper as well as precious metals and other potentially reusable materials, their complex nature makes recycling difficult. Yet the proposed European Commission directive on waste from electrical and electronic equipment will place severe restrictions on disposal  methods such as incineration and landfill.

Afimilk Palmtop Link for Dairy Management  The technology offering Israeli company is a world leader in the field of computerized dairy management systems and milkmeters, with many of systems installed throughout the world. It is an ISO 9002 company having a well qualified and experienced research and development team of leading Israeli producers and researchers in dairy management.
Electro Spot Testing Kit for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Alloys A premier technology providing institution for indeginously developed technologies is offering technology for electro spot testing kit for ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. The properties and applications of various alloys depend upon their constituent elements. Conventional methods of chemical analysis, instrumental techniques etc. for identifying and estimating the constituent element of an alloy are costly and time consuming.
National Instruments develops toolkit to power LEGO robots To operate and control the next-generation LEGO Mindstorms NXT robotics invention system from LEGO A/S, Billund, Denmark, virtual instrumentation pioneer National Instruments Corp. (NI), Austin TX, has developed a toolkit for its LabVIEW graphical programming environment that allows users to create and download virtual instruments to the robotics platform.
Wagner Moisture Measurement Technology Wagner Hand-Held Moisture Meters use an advanced electro-magnetic wave technology. This proven technology allows the user to quickly and accurately measure the moisture content of wood without the time consuming effort of driving pins into the wood.
Company Profiles
Arrow Electronics Arrow Electronics is a major global provider of products, services, and solutions to the electronic component and computer product industries.
Casil Electronic Products Ltd   Casil Electronic Products Ltd is the wholly-owned subsidiary of China Aerospace International Holdings Ltd., was founded in 1973.
COSY Communications We are an 12 years old multi product electronics goods manufacturing company, based in Dehradun India. We are supplying a large variety of different Home / Office automation systems , Test Instruments and electronic gadgets to our Indian and International clients.
Crawford Hansford & Kimber Ltd An electronics department where rigorous testing is built into every stage of manufacture. 
ESI Electronic Products Corp. ESI Electronic Products provides comprehensive, advanced electronic design and manufacturing services. Our mission is to provide our customers with complete support, from product development and design through manufacturing and service.
Pioneer Pioneer was founded in 1938 in Tokyo, Japan by Nozomu Matsumoto - a man with a passion for music that he hoped to share with the world through high quality audio speakers. That passion began with a small operation to repair and manufacture speakers in Matsumoto's garage. It has since grown to international stature as a manufacturer of audio and video products for use at home, in the car and in business environments.
Wagner Electronics Wagner Electronics is the respected world leader in moisture sensing and moisture management solutions. For over 40 years, Wagner's field proven technology has helped thousands of valued customers improve profits and eliminate moisture related problems.
Watchman Electronics Watchman Electronics, established in 1971, has used its design and manufacturing expertise to produce a wide range of quality consumer electronic products.

Maintaining up-to-the-second information links between customers and suppliers is crucial for all manufacturers, and Hitachi Electronic Products (M) Sdn Bhd (HEPM), a subsidiary of the Tokyo, Japan-headquartered Hitachi Ubiquitous Platform Systems, is no exception.

Teledyne Technologies Teledyne Technologies Incorporated is a leading provider of sophisticated electronic components, instruments and communications products, including defense electronics, data acquisition and communications equipment for airlines and business aircraft, monitoring and control instruments for industrial and environmental applications and components, and subsystems for wireless and satellite communications.
Plant Details
Flextronics Full spectrum design, manufacturing, and logistics services vertically integrated with world class component capabilities to help OEMs create market leading products.
Dalian Alps Electronics DALIAN ALPS ELECTRONICS New Production Plant Completed. ALPS Builds Global Production Base for Car Electronics Products and Components in China.
Copper Clad Laminate Manufacturing Plant Electronic Products Making Plant, General Processing Information, Process Description, Specification of Products, Plant Description, Production Capacity, Raw Materials, Machines and Equipment, Inspection Equipment, Manpower Requirement, Electricity Power Requirement, Total Budget, Plant Layout.
PCB Board Making Plant Electronic Products Making Plant, General Processing Information, Process Description, Specification of Products, Plant Description, Production Capacity, Raw Materials, Machines and Equipment, Inspection Equipment, Manpower Requirement, Electricity Power Requirement, Total Budget, Plant Layout.
Pricol Plant I located at Periyanaickenpalayam, 22 kms from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, manufactures and services Automotive Instruments & Accessories, Marine Instruments and Electronic Products.
Tyco Electronics Telecom outside Plant The Telecom Outside Plant business unit of Tyco Electronics consists of a number of brands. They offer quality components for copper&coax, fiber optic and mobile networks from the headend to the customer and provide innovative and cost-effective solutions.
Associations Of Electronic Industries
Electronics Manufacturing Shackled Under Liberalisation Electronics and hardware industry is under great pressure and disadvantaged with the Government`s overdrive for liberalisation. Local manufacturers of ICT products and electronics components are facing the brunt of NIL import duty, due to the Information Technology Agreement (ITA-1) signed by the Government of India under WTO which came into force last March 2005.
National Electrical manufacturers Association Siemens Automation and Drivers (A&D) recently announced that the electronics manufacturing plant in Erlangen, Germany, has received the first place award for “Factory of the Year/Global Excellence in Operations (GEO)” for 2006. The electronics manufacturing plant in Erlangen is part of the Motion Control Systems (MC) Division of the A&D Group. Siemens A&D MC supplies automation systems and services for machine tools, crane installations, and production machines.
Consumer Electronics Association Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) membership unites 2000 companies within the U.S. consumer technology industry. Tap into valuable and innovative member-only resources: exclusive information and unparalleled market research, networking opportunities with business advocates and leaders, up-to-date educational programs and technical training, exposure in extensive promotional programs, and representation from the voice of the industry, CEA, promoting and advancing member needs and interests.
The International Association Of Electronic Keyboard Manufacturers IAEKM, the International Association of Electronic Keyboard Manufacturers, is an association that comprises the global manufacturers of electronic keyboards and affiliated software and publications. The products that IAEKM members produce include synthesizers, portable keyboards, digital pianos, sound modules, home organs, sequencers, drum machines, samplers, keyboard controllers, classical/ theatre organs and educational keyboard communication systems.
Japan Electronic Products Importers Association Our mission is to promote and develop business activities between Japanese and foreign corporations. We have a vast network supported by many international industry and trade organizations whose job is to provide the best source of customized solutions for Japanese corporations to do business in the global marketplace as well as foreign corporations to do business in Japan.
Products And Components
Electroswitch Electronic Products As a leading rotary switch manufacturer, Electroswitch Electronic Products offers a complete, vertically integrated, manufacturing and assembly facility dedicated to producing rotary switches.
Panasonic Electronic Components Panasonic Industrial company's electric components division is one of the industry's largest suppliers of standard and custom electronic components. Our wide product offering coupled with our global manufacturing and sales capabilities, as well as our commitment to customer service make us a preferred vendor to the world's most famous original equipment manufacturers of high tech electronic products.
Raychem Products Circuit Protection, Energy Network Products, Heat Shrinkable Tubing, Identification Products, Touchscreens.
Reynolds Electronic Components Reynolds Electronics is now a distributor for Linx Technologies RF products.
Sharp Products SHARP offers a broad range of both series and switching regulators with multifunction features including on/off control. The series regulators are Low Drop Out (LDO) and include the SOT-23-5, SOT-23-L, SOT-89, SC-63, TO-220, TO-263, TO-92, TO-220, and TO-3P ranging from 180 mA to 10 A output current. The switching regulators are Chopper type and include SC-63, TO-263, and TO-220 packages ranging from 0.8 A to 3.5 A.
Electronic Components Division Products We are committed to providing our customers the most complete and technically advanced line of electronic components anywhere.
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Infineon Product Categories ASIC Design and Security, Chip Card + Security ICs, Consumer Electronic ICs, Fiber Optics, IP Core Licensing, Microcontrollers, Power Semiconductors for Automotive, Power Semiconductors.
Departments Dealing With Electronic Industries
e-Government Policy Framework for Electronic Records Management

Electronic records management is a key technology underpinning electronic government, Ownership and revision of the framework, Electronic records management and the e-government strategy, Policy and strategy, Information policy issues, Record-keeping systems design, Corporate information management.

Anti-Spam Action Plan for Canada In just a few years, unsolicited commercial e-mail now generally known as spam has gone from being a minor nuisance to becoming a significant social and economic issue, and a drain on the business and personal productivity of Canadians. Spam now impedes the efficient use of email for personal and business communications, and threatens the growth and acceptance of legitimate e-commerce.
Centre for Development of Advanced Computing The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) is a national initiative to mobolize its indigenous human and technical resources in a bid to attain technological competency in the evolving arena of Information Technology and proliferate its inherent benefit towards the advancement of its citizens as well as society.
Electronic waste poses mounting challenge As China emerges as a major global manufacturing and consumer powerhouse, discarded electronics products and household appliances, many filled with toxic chemicals, are piling up, posing a severe threat to the environment and sustainable economic growth.
Government Documents Electronic Products Government Documents Electronic Products. CD-ROMs and DVDs Available at Florida Atlantic University Libraries Government Documents Department.
Department Of Information Technology India has enormous opportunities emerging from globalization and consequent lowering of tariff barriers. Information Technology has given India formidable brand equity in the global markets. The Indian Software Industry has been moving up the value chain as well. Indian software companies have a unique distinction of providing efficient software solutions with cost and quality as an advantage by using state-of-the-art technology.
Embedded Software Design And Development

With rapid technological innovation, equipments and devices for the day to day use in different areas are undergoing functional improvements along with more automation. Embedded software enables a machine to interact with the physical world with minimal human intervention. 

Electrical Fittings Manufacturing

Electric fittings industry consists of the units manufacturing of all kinds of electrical accessories such as bulb multi sockets, multi plugs, adopters, plugs etc. The objective of this pre-feasibility study is to provide information for setting up an electric fittings manufacturing unit. 

Wireless Handset Manufacturing Market and Growth drivers, process and technology, suggested locations, simplified legal and regulatory norms, capacity and inductive project cost, project time line, financial indicators.
Designing a 4-Channel A/D Application with the PIC12C671 The code is pretty simple once you're familiar with how to configure the A/D options of the PIC12C671.  Using the 4-byte array saves us a lot of typing by not requiring extra lines of code to handle four separate A/D reading/storage routines.
8051 Microcontroller Projects Can view the list of 8051 projects and products.
BASIC Stamp Projects Can view the Basic stamp Projects and products.
PicBasic Pro Compiler Projects Can view the Picbasic Pro compiler projects
8 Bit Single Channel Voltmeter  The 8-bit received via your PC serial port is automatically converted into an onscreen voltage display similar to that of your average multi meter.  The bar graph below the numeric readout also moves with the input voltage readings to provide you with an analog look and feel. 
National Electronics Product Stewardship Initiative The National Electronics Product Stewardship Initiative was created to bring stakeholders together to develop solutions to the issue of electronic products management. The infrastructure for collecting, reusing and recycling electronics in the United States has not kept pace with this growing waste stream, and the number of electronic products entering the waste stream is projected to increase dramatically unless reuse and recycling options expand.
Electronic Asia Range of Exhibits @ electronicAsia, Development since 1997, Exhibitors @ electronicAsia 2006, Visitors @ electronicAsia 2006, Strong Support from Important Industry Associations, Hong Kong`s Electronics Market, Global electronics: Trade fairs & Internet portal.
Irresistible Electronics turbulent Times

CE companies still have not captured the margins of a hot growth industry. Further, the revenue is still spurred by those “technology hungry customers” and not by the service-sensitive, smart shopper  who is emerging and expected to dominate the future market. 

Componex/ElectronicIndia Indian Electronics Market, Range of Exhibits @ electronicAsia, Development since 1997, Exhibitors @ electronicAsia 2006, Visitors @ electronicAsia 2006, Strong Support from Important Industry Associations, Hong Kong`s Electronics Market, Global electronics: Trade fairs & Internet portal.
Global Electronic Markets and Global
Traditional Markets

The demand of market globalization has raised the challenge of semantic interoperation in and between traditional and electronic fragmented markets and driven the development of integration technology. This paper argues that by comparing the cost advantages of technical integration and internationalization in production and distribution, semantic integration technology will lead to an overall shift toward global specialization and global collaboration  

Nikkei Electronics Asia

Nikkei Electronics Asia - India (NEA-India), the India edition of Nikkei Electronics Asia, is leading the way in our move into digital publishing. India’s Electronics Industry Set for Strong Growth India’s electronics hardware sector is looking forward to an era of strong growth, with impetus coming from several sectors such as computers, industrial electronics, consumer electronics, and communications. 

Optimal Market Electronic products are becoming more complex as ICs move to 90nm and below and PCB systems operate in the multi-gigabit range. Power, signal and thermal integrity analysis tools have become essential to handle today's complex design. In addition the IC package has become a critical and integral part of both the IC design and the PCB system design.
Samsung Global Localization

Over the past several years, Samsung Electronics has built a very successful wireless communications business across worldwide markets. Many of these developed markets are now reaching maturity, however, and  different segments are demanding that specific needs be satisfied with more localized solutions. 

Semiconductor Market Overview World semiconductor market cycles, market revenues, market growth by region, market growth by product, End-market growth, drivers of the semiconductor market forecast, strong world economic growth is supporting semiconductor market growth, growth drives global electronics, slowing semiconductor capital spending in 2005, semiconductor market pricing, semiconductor inventory analysis, market growth forecasts.
Preliminary Television Market and Industry Research

Overall, many of the large screen, flat panel televisions being purchased by consumers will consume double or more the active mode power of the smaller CRT televisions that they are replacing. Some of this differential in power consumption is because large screen televisions, being bigger than their predecessors, will naturally consume more power to operate. Many of these newer televisions also are digital and capable of showing high-definition picture, which also drives up overall power consumption.

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Electronic Components Suppliers Listings Can view the companies engaged in electrical and electronic products.
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Suppliers Of Electronic Components And Devices Can view the suppliers of electronic components and devices.
Electronic Components Suppliers Can view the list of  Electronic Components Suppliers.
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Allied Electronics Price List Can view the products of Allied Electronics and its price lists.
Apogee Products Price List Can view the Apogee electronic corporation products and its price lists.
Electronics Kits Price list Can view the products of RP electronics and its price list.
Price Modeling in Standards for Electronic Product  Price Modeling in Standards for Electronic Product Catalogs Based on XML.
Short Form Catalog & Price List Adrienne Electronics Corporation Short Form Catalog & Price List.
Pricing Electronic Goods Underlying Principles, Economies of Scale and Scope, Pricing to Achieve Cost Recovery.
Japanese Market Report

Today, the electronic equipment market in Japan has been “de-industrialized.” Among the market R&D sector, which develops and experiments with advanced technologies and new products, and the specific products sector, stay in Japan. Currently, exports account for more than 50% of the total sales of Japanese semiconductor manufacturers.  

Electronic Product Reliability Reports Online Reliability AnalysisLab.com (RAL) provides its customers with 24x7 access to product reliability reports and in-process analyses performed by the lab on a wide range of electronic products, from microprocessors and discrete components to printed circuit boards and assemblies.
Impact Of The RoHS Directive On Electronic Products

Theoretically, electronics manufacturers could develop product lines exclusively for the European market to comply with the restrictions of the RoHS Directive, while manufacturing products for the US that continue to contain lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and brominated flame retardants. 

2004 Annual Report

Vicor Corporation designs, manufactures and markets modular power components and complete power systems used primarily by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the communications, data processing, industrial control, test equipment, medical and defense electronics markets. 

Annual Report 2005 Defense electronics products and services include vacuum devices and integrated solid state microwave subassemblies for electronic warfare, satellite communication and radar applications; microelectronics modules for secure communications; high voltage connectors and cable assemblies; and contract manufacturing of military electronic assemblies.
Electrical And Electronic Products Infrastructure Facilitation Barriers, Technical, Financial, Commercial, Collection Logistics, Geographic, Regulatory, Proposed National Recovery, Implementation Plan
Rules And Regulations
Electronic Products License Agreement ProQuest information and learning for Electronic Products License Agreement.
Managing The License Of Electronic Products The acquisition of electronic information products and services typically involves negotiating and signing a license with an information provider. This SPEC survey probed the growing standardization in practice and came up with a checklist for managing the licensing of electronic products.
Electronic Product Management issues

Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) Defined as Hazardous, Emergency Regulations Enacted, Management of Electronics,  Growing Number of Computers in Waste Stream,  Future Waste Board Projects on the Horizon,  Waste Board Unveils New Electronics Directory,  Recycling Costs Affect Local Jurisdictions,  E-Waste Cost-Sharing Programs,  Product Stewardship Goals Unite Stakeholders.

Trade Policy for Electronic Products Along with automobiles, Japanese electronic products share a large portion of the Japanese trade industry, and their high quality ranks them as one of the Japan’s representative industrial products. Many Japanese electronics manufacturers are expanding their businesses overseas, which ranks the electronics industry as the most internationalized industry of Japan.
License Agreement For Electronic Products And services

Generally, large commercial publishers and well-established learned society publishers will have standard licensing agreements. In nearly every instance, licensors draft these agreements with provisions that are enforceable under the Uniform Commercial Code. As a result, a number of the provisions will be in violation of or conflict with the Federal Acquisition Regulation and other federal law.

Electronic Products License Agreement

Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries Electronic Products License Agreement.

Impact Of Electronic Goods Trading On customs Revenue

For the first time in GATT/WTO history, the Geneva Ministerial Declaration of May 1998 included a mandate for work in the area of electronic commerce. It specifies two elements: first, a standstill agreement on the imposition of customs duties on electronic transmissions; and second, a mandate to the General Council to establish a work programme on global electronic commerce. 

Consultants and Testing Services
Alden Group The Alden Group delivers over half a million pages of data coded in SGML and XML to publishers every year. To do this, Alden has developed cost-effective workflows which ensure the timely delivery of quality-assured content. The knowledge and the software products developed from this experience are used by Alden Electronic Products to market services to companies who are looking to exploit the growing opportunities of electronic publishing.
Prime Design Consulting PDC is a small dedicated Engineering firm specializing in Electronic Product Development. We are located in Northern New Jersey and serve the world providing technical design services.
Plextek Consulting Plextek provides consulting services to clients requiring technical or strategic assistance with product, system or technology development.
Ricardo Ricardo is a leading provider of technology, product innovation, engineering solutions and strategic consulting to the world's automotive industries.
Spencer Stuart Consultants Founded in 1956 and privately owned, Spencer Stuart is one of the world's leading executive search consulting firms.We are the advisor of choice among top companies seeking guidance and counsel on senior leadership needs. We have unrivalled access to leading executives around the world.
Microchip Consultants Our EDA Software Division features the entire PADS, DxDesigner and Hyperlynx product line from Mentor Graphics for design entry, verification, high speed system design, component and data management, PCB/physical layout, thermal analysis and manufacturing interface.
Quality Certification Electronics Regional Test Laboratory (ERTL) Kolkata is providing facilities and expertise to characterize and test a wide range of optoelectronic and electronic devices. 
Design Test This tech room contains material on test methodologies as well as practical tips for checking designs of electronics devices. Articles in this area include EMI test, in-circuit test, RF test, PCB test systems and optical inspection systems.
Financial Support And Investment
Scottish Enterprise Scottish Enterprise is committed to the continued development of the electronics industry in Scotland. We want to help companies build on key strengths such as the wide base of technology skills, strengthen networks, promote Scotland's excellent record of service and support, build on our well-established supply chain and encourage world-class research and development
Electronic Industry In Calcutta In the 1960s, when the idea of using computers in economic activities was first floated in India, there was a wave of protest from trade unions and political parties who feared the impact of automation on future employment prospects. By the 1990s, computers had been partially accepted in some major service industries, particularly the communications industry, and to some extent in banking and financial services.
Industries In Malaysia Today, Malaysia's electronics industry has developed significant capacities and skills in the manufacture of a wide range of semiconductor devices, high-end consumer electronic goods and information and communication technology (ICT) products.
Investment Environment And Incentives For Malaysian Investors India

The Government has recently established Special Economic Zones with the purpose of promoting exports and attracting FDI. These SEZs do not impose  duty on imports of inputs and they enjoy simplified fiscal and foreign exchange procedures and allow 100% FDI. 

  Revenue Collection Infrastructure For Electronic Goods However the electronic goods of the information age are made of bits, not atoms. Bits are electronic ephemera that can be copied in nanoseconds and transported at literally the speed of light. Since physical conservation laws do not apply for bits, this undercuts the market processes that underlie the specialized and distributed economy upon which the phenomenal achievements of the manufacturing and engineering community have been based.
Semi conductor Design And Manufacturing Opportunities In India

Semiconductor companies would gain considerable benefits if they could locate manufacturing in the same country as their design operations, but, at present, there are no major chip fabrication plants in India. However, with its plentiful supply of skilled, low-cost workers, the country has the potential to grow its semiconductor manufacturing capabilities. 

Future Trends
Evolution And Future Of Global Outsourcing

Over the next five years, regional distribution is forecast to shift only slightly; in the Americas, dropping from 21 to 19% by 2009; in Europe from 16 to15%; with Asia increasing from 63 to 66% of the total global combined contract manufacturing  revenue.

iSuppli Reaffirms 2006 Semiconductor Forecast

iSuppli predicts global semiconductor sales will rise to $255.7 billion in 2006, up 7.8 percent from $237.2 billion in 2005. The previous forecast, issued in June, predicted global semiconductor sales would grow by 7.9 percent in 2006.

World Semiconductor Leader Sees Bright Future for the Indian Electronics Industry STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), one of the world’s leading suppliers of semiconductor solutions across the spectrum of electronics applications, today hosted a special event, “ST DAY in India”, in New Delhi, which took place in the presence of Thiru Dayanidhi Maran, Minister of Communication and Information Technology, and Shir Jainder Singh, the IT Secretary. During the event, senior managers of the company presented strategic overviews of the world and the regional electronics and semiconductor markets, with particular emphasis on the rapidly growing Indian electronics market.
Future Trends in Private Equity Investment worldwide

Unlocking global value Future trends in private equity investment worldwide.

Semiconductor Market To peak in 2007 The semiconductor industry will see its present growth cycle peak in 2007, but due to the changing dynamics of the business, growth will amount to only 10.6% for the year – far below historical market peaks, according to iSuppli.
Investment Incentives-Goa The Government hereby grants a set of fiscal and other incentives to the software and hardware industry, being the components of the Information Technology Industry.
Government  Strategies While all Asian governments consider electronics industries key to their economic development, the level of government involvement and variety of support methods vary among nations.
Incentives Offered By The Government Of Andhra Pradesh for New Projects Incentives & Assistance for Airports, incentives & assistance for Ports, Rebate in Power bills, Special Tax concessions, electronic hardware technology park/ software technology park, incentives for IT units.
Electronic Industries Alliance

In recent years, the leaps made in telecommunication and technological development have helped many companies revolutionize the way in which they organize, manage and even own their operations. Most U.S. manufacturing and service sectors have been affected, but the changes often come first in the fast-moving, highly  competitive electronics industry.

Incentives For Investors The incentive offered by the Government of Tamil Nadu towards industrial development in the state are comparable to the best in the country. These incentives have been proposed to enhance the competitiveness of the state and also to speedup the pace of industrialization. Capital subsidies, power tariff concessions and sales tax waiver / deferral are the major incentives offered by government of Tamil Nadu to new industries / existing industries undergoing substantial expansion / diversification.  
  Korean Electronics Industry Korea's electronics capabilities in the past 25 years have undergone remarkably consistent and rapid expansion in terms of (1) size and capacity of facilities, (2) technological expertise and sophistication, and (3) income earned and impact on the world market. Korea has built and is continuing to build a stand-alone capability in a broad range of electronics technologies, including DRAM, SRAM, and ASIC design approaches; electronics materials and packaging; and development of key new information technology products.
Invest In Kerala To boost the industrial development in the State, a lot of schemes and incentives are offered by Government of Kerala. Margin Money Loan up to Rs. 2.5 lakh is provided as soft loan with an interest rate of 9% per annum to set up new Small Scale Industrial Unit in the State.
Sub- Contracts And Industrial Estates
Delta Electronics Inc., Delta Electronics, Inc. is the world's number one provider of switching power supplies, and a major source for power management, components, visual displays, industrial automation, and networking products. Established in 1971 with headquarters in Taiwan, Delta has manufacturing plants in Taiwan and China, as well as R&D centers and sales and service offices throughout the world. Delta Electronics is a public company whose stock is traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange
Rapid Electronics Rapid is now widely recognised as one of the leading suppliers of electronic components, electrical products, and industrial supplies to education and industry.Established for over 25 years Rapid now distribute 32,000 products from the industry's leading manufacturers including Duracell, Finder, Kingbright, Multicore, Neutrik, Murata, Weller, Varta, Microchip and Yuasa
Industrial Support Inc. Industrial Support Inc. New York is a contract manufacturing company focusing on metal fabrication, metal stamping, welding / brazing, and contract electronic assembly.
AirBorn Electronics AirBorn Electronics design microcontroller circuitry and firmware for many industries - from Air conditioning to Weighscales. With custom designed products the ownership of the circuitry and software design are transferred to the customer upon payment. Our designs provide circuits, parts lists, PCB diagrams and source code in a complete documentation package.
eSRS This is the OFFICIAL Site for the new electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS). The new eSRS has launched, promising to create higher visibility and introduce a more transparency into the process of gathering information on Federal subcontracting accomplishments.