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  • A premier technology providing institution for indeginously developed technologies is offering technology for electro spot testing kit for ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. The properties and applications of various alloys depend upon their constituent elements.

  • Conventional methods of chemical analysis, instrumental techniques etc. for identifying and estimating the constituent element of an alloy are costly and time consuming.


  • The development of Internet technology has signified a general shift from electronic hierarchies toward electronic markets. It also indicates a forthcoming change toward the global integration of fragmented markets.

  • The demand of market globalization has raised the challenge of semantic interoperation in and between traditional and electronic fragmented markets and driven the development of integration technology.

  • New integration technologies, evolved from the technologies of electronic data interchange, enterprise resource planning and supply chain management, have created privately owned and profit-oriented electronic markets, and are allowing closer global interoperations between market participants through the development of global electronic markets (GEM) and global traditional markets (GTM).

  • The National Electronics Product Stewardship Initiative was created to bring stakeholders together to develop solutions to the issue of electronic products management.


  • Production in Japan is focused on products that cannot be produced in other Asian countries, and newly-developed or high value-added products. Specifically, these products include newly-developed digital AV equipment and network-related equipment with communications functions, mobile/portable electronic equipment such as smaller and higher-performance cellular phones and digital cameras backed with the mounting, and process technology which has long been the most advance of Japanese manufacturers.

  • The average annual growth rate of the semiconductor market has been slowing for a decade. The industry's compound annual growth rate (CAGR) has settled in to a range between 7-9%, compared to an average in the mid-teens in the past.

  • The semiconductor industry will post an improved performance due to a healthier market for electronic equipment and stabilization in the chip average selling prices (ASP).

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