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  • Engineering products includes Aerospace products, Automotive products, Medical products, Construction equipment, Electronic products, Electrical products , Consumer products, Etc.


  • In recent years, a new technological discipline has been created - mechatronics. The aim is to stimulate a perception of the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and information technology not as separate areas but as an overall system.
  • Numerous other trends can be observed throughout the field of power transmission engineering. Important development criteria include fail-safe functions, low maintenance, good price-performance ratios and high efficiency. There is also an increasing trend towards the integration of mechanical and electrical transmission engineering components (mechatronics), with, for example, more and more manufacturers offering geared motors and frequency inverters (so-called inverter-fed motors) as single units. These are ideal for integration into ‘intelligent’ production systems.


  • The demand for electric motors, generators and transformers in the EU slightly decreased to more than € 34 billion in 2005. The demand for bearings, gears, gearing and driving elements increased to € 24 billion that year. The demand for lifting and handling equipment also grew, to almost € 42 billion. The demand for hydraulics was estimated to have grown to more than € 7 billion in 2004, for pneumatic products it was € 2.8 billion that year. The demand for machine tools continued it slow recovery, to € 11.7 billion in 2005. Germany is the largest market for all products, while other main markets are Italy, France, Spain and the UK.


  • Industrial products and engineering sector has emerged rather gradually in the Indian scenario. Growth has been 6% to 25% in past few years in different sub sectors. And so has been the growth in exports.
  • It is a wide sector that caters to multiple industries. In India, it is highly scattered and fragmented. These products have a large domestic market and the demand in developing countries, especially the ones with manufacturing based economy, is high. Indian engineering products have an added advantage of being cost effective.
  • The engineering products market is mostly a subcontracting industry, supplying a wide range of industries. Customers of engineering products are Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) as well as their main suppliers. These OEMs manufacture industrial machinery from the modules and parts and deliver them to the end user, which in most cases are industrial customers.

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