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  • Enzymes have a number of distinct advantages over conventional chemical catalysts. Foremost amongst these are their specificity and selectivity not only for particular reactions but also in their discrimination between similar parts of molecules (regiospecificity) or optical isomers (stereospecificity).

  • Enzymes make excellent analytical reagents due to their specificity, selectivity and efficiency. They are often used to determine the concentration of their substrates (as analytes) by means of the resultant initial reaction rates.

  • Development of medical applications for enzymes have been at least as extensive as those for industrial applications, reflecting the magnitude of the potential rewards: for example, pancreatic enzymes have been in use since the nineteenth century for the treatment of digestive disorders.

  • Relatively few enzymes, notably those in detergents, meat tenderisers and garden composting agents, are sold directly to the public.

  • Most are used by industry to produce improved or novel products, to bypass long and involved chemical synthetic pathways or for use in the separation and purification of isomeric mixtures.

  • Many of the most useful, but least-understood, uses of free enzymes are in the food industry. Here they are used, together with endogenous enzymes, to produce or process foodstuffs, which are only rarely substantially refined.

  • Their action, however apparently straightforward, is complicated due to the effect that small amounts of by-products or associated reaction products have on such subjective effects as taste, smell, colour and texture.

  • Several enzymes, especially those used in starch processing, high-fructose syrup manufacture, textile desizing and detergent formulation, are now traded as commodity products on the world's markets.

  • Although the cost of enzymes for use at the research scale is often very high, where there is a clear large-scale need for an enzyme its relative cost reduces dramatically with increased production.

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