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  • Ethylamine is a chemical compound with the formula CH3CH2NH2.
  • It has a strong ammonia-like odor.
  • It is miscible with virtually all solvents and is considered to be a weak base, as is typical for amines.


  • Ethylamine can be prepared in a laboratory by reaction of ethylene with ammonia in the presence of an alkali metal amide catalyst such as sodium amide.
  • It can also be synthesized from acetaldehyde and ammonium chloride.
  • Amines such as ethylamine may also be synthesized by the reduction of amides such as  acetamide, for example using Lithium aluminium hydride.


  • This is even more striking when for example the metabolism of ethylamine is compared with that of Ethanol.
  • The peroxisomes formed in such cells are involved in carbon metabolism and nitrogen  metabolism simultaneously.    


  • Ethyl amine used in the production of pesticides triazine herbicides,  including Atrazine and simazine.
  • Ethylemine is widely used in chemical industry and organic synthesis.

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