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  • FaL-G bricks and blocks are alternative building materials to the traditional burnt clay bricks and are substitutes to the traditional  burnt bricks used for construction.
  • Fly ash is mixed with lime & gypsum. Chemical accelerator may or may not be added to it. This mix is moulded under pressure. Air /  sun drying may be done. Then this green brick is water cured.


  • The technology adopted for making fly ash bricks is eco-friendly. It does not require steaming or auto calving as the bricks are cured  by water only. Since the firing process is avoided, there are no emissions and no effluent is discharged. On the other hand, it solves  the problem of fly ash disposal.
  • Production process of FaL-G bricks and blocks does not involve sintering and thus completely eliminates the burning of fossil fuels as  required in the clay brick production, ultimately contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Manufacturing Process

  • Raw materials required for manufacturing of bricks are Flyash, lime gypsum and sand(optional) .
  • The manufacturing process s of bricks broadly consists of three operations viz. mixing the ingredients ,pressing the mix in machine  and curing the bricks for stipulated period.


  • The excellent engineering property and durability of fly ash brick enlarges its scope for application in building construction and  development of infrastructure, construction of pavements, dams, tanks, under water works, canal lining and irrigation work etc.
  • Construction provides the direct means for the development, expansion, improvement and maintenance of human settlements is particular and economic growth in general.

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