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Here are sample questions and answers on diverse subjects to illustrate the kind of questions for which
answers can be found on the internet.

1.Whom to approach for Modernization Loans ?
Contact Small Industries Development Bank of  India
Scheme for Credit Linked Capital Subsidy for Technology Up gradation of Small Scale Industries 
11.When is the next Granite Fair to be ??
India Stone Mart 2003 has been announced to be held during Jan 31, 2003 to Feb 4, 2003 at Export Promotional Industrial Park Jaipur
2.How to contact The Coimbatore District
Small Industry Association ? 
See codissia web site
12.Sale Outlets for industrial components is Recognized As Small Scale Industry/Business (Industry Related) Enterprises (SSSBEs) ?  :   NO
3.Hydrochloric acid-Lab: code31922027 is Reserved Item  For Exclusive Manufacture in SSI ? : YES 13.How much money the entrepreneur is required to invest out of his own resources?
Banks insist on about 25 per cent margin money depending upon the category of the  project. 
4.Who imposes the Anti Dumping duty, provisional or final?
 While the Designated Authority (in the Department of Commerce) recommends the anti dumping duty, provisional or final, it is the Ministry of Finance, Dept. of Revenue which acts upon such recommendation within three months and imposes/levies such duty. 
14.What is PCT?
The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is a multilateral treaty. Through PCT, an inventor of member country  can  seek patent protection for his invention in all of the member countries, without having to file a separate application in the countries of interest, by designating them in the PCT application. India joined the PCT on December 7, 1998
5.If I am exporting do I have to register my mark in other countries as well?
Intellectual property law is basically territorial, that is, your right with respect to your trademark is confined to the country in which it was applied for and obtained. Therefore, if you export goods bearing your mark and you have only obtained protection  in your country then your mark is vulnerable in the export market.
15.What are the electronics products lines in which Indian companies are seeking technology from abroad ?
Manufacture of Small & Micro Transformers, Deflection Components for TV & transformers, chokes, inductors, reactors, coils for consumer electronics, telecommunications and power, Multifunction Electronic Energy Meters, Smartcards, Light Emitting Diodes & SMD 
Production of Power Switches, Telephone Connectors and Power EntryComponents,Manufacture of Solder wire & sticks are some.
6.which is the website of the Directorate of Quality Assurance,at DGS&D, Chennai:
It is at
16.whom to contact For lodging your grievances about Public Sector Banks ?
Smt.Sunita Chhibba ,Director, emails:
7.How much a typical food products radiation processing facility costs ? 
Cost of a commercial radiation processing facility is in the range of Rs.6-8 crores
17.Name&contact information of paper cup machinery manufacturer ?
Paper Machinery Corporation
8900 West Bradley Road • Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53224, U.S.A.
Telephone 414.354.8050 • Fax 414.354.8614
8.What is this Universal Portal Embroidery Machine ?
The latest state of the art machine. The software oriented electronic machine ;1000 designs can be stored in the main memory of the machine. With standard 18 heads arc in operation it covers embroidery field of 1000X330 mm per head (single head operation) and 1000X 5490 mm border frame. Machine can perform on any type of fabric. 
18.What machineries are required to make fishnets  from Nylon Granules , and where to get these machineries ? Project Cost ?
Length & depth stretching machine, Bundling & bale pressing machine, Knotting machines, Nylon Extrusion Line, stand by generators
are required and supplied by Kolsite India and Taiwanese Manufacturers ,Approximate cost of project will be around 5 crores
9.Which company  manufactures Surgical & Dental Burrs in India ?
Shiballoy Multiplex Pvt. Ltd, in Orissa
19.what are the chemical products Indian companies are seeking technology transfer from over seas ?
metal complex solvent dyes, Manufacture of Colorants for inkjet printing, Acetyl Sulphonyl Chloride, Castor Oil Derivatives, Pigments
Optical Brighteners, Weedicides, PP Flexi drums are some examples 
10.I need to barcode my product, what do I have to do? You need to do two things- first, apply for your unique EAN number from EAN India and  either modify your packaging artwork to incorporate EAN barcodes or print labels with EAN barcodes. 20.Name a few products Indian companies are offering to transfer technology to firms abroad ?
Egg trays mfg plant, Pressure Cooker, Enzymatic starch for surface sizing of paper, Zinc dust powder, Disposable blood bag system,
sugar plant, Solvent Extraction Plants are some examples.

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