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  • The feldspars are by far the most abundant group of minerals and are found in igneous, metamorphic and many sedimentary rocks. Felsdpars are framework silicates where each silica tetrahedra share all corners with its four neighbouring tetrahedra.
  • There are two types of feldspar : Soda peldspar and Potash feldspar. Feldspar- silica mixtures can occur naturally, such as in sand deposits, or can be obtaied from flotation of mined and crushed rock.


  • Feldspar is currently produced as a by-product of mining mica from pegmatites and other rocks associated with the Cherryville quartz monzonite rock in Cleveland County.
  •  Until recently, feldspar was also recovered from the Kings Mountain district in Cleveland and Gaston counties as a by-product of mining spodumene  from pegmatites.


  • Feldspar is a common raw material in the production of ceramics. It is used for thermoluminescence and optical dating in earth sciences and archaeology.It is an ingredient in Bon Ami brand cleaner.It is used as a glazing material.
  • In the flooring sector, feldspar is the main constituent in the body composition. It is used as a flux, lowering the vitrifying temperature of a ceramic body during firing and forming a glassy phase.


  • World feldspar consumption totalled 13.9 million tonnes and is growing on average 2% per annum. Turkey is the leading exporter, accounting for 33% of all exports by quantity, while Italy and the USA remain the leading importers. In Asia production of feldspar is worth over US$180 million.
  • U.S. production of marketable feldspar  was an estimated 800,000 metric tons with a value of $44.1 million . Feldspar was mined in seven States, which were, in descending order of output, North Carolina, California, Virginia, Georgia, Oklahoma, Idaho, and South Dakota.

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