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  • Fermentation is the metabolic process in which carbohydrates and related compounds are oxidized with the release of energy in the absence of any external electron acceptors.
  • Fermentation, the process of energy production in a cell under anaerobic conditions .
  • Ethanol fermentation, a form of anaerobic respiration used primarily by yeasts when oxygen is not present in sufficient quantity for normal cellular respiration.
  • Industrial fermentation, the breakdown and re-assembly of biochemicals for industry, often in aerobic growth conditions.
  • Microbial fermentations represent one of the oldest techniques known for the preservation of food.
  • Anaerobic Fermentation - Among various substrates only amino acids and sugars can be fermented readily although alkanoic acids, purines and pyrimidines can also be fermented rarely.
  • Fermentation of sugars usually produce alcoholsFermentations result in products of great economic value and  prominence in the U.S. food supply.
  • Fermentations involving production of acetic acid yield foods or condiments that are generally safe.
  • Bioprocess technology is an extension of ancient techniques for developing useful products by taking advantage of natural biological activities such as production of enzymes and antibiotics.
  • Fermentation Technology is a discipline of biotechnology which involves the development of new Fermentation processes and the improvement and optimization of current processes.
  • The aerobic fermentation is the primary method of product formation in Biotechnology.
  • An essential step in the brewing process is the fermentation of carbohydrates to ethanol.
  • Fermented dairy products alone represent 20% of the total economic value of fermented foods produced worldwide

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