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  • Ferrosilicon, or ferrosilicium, is a ferroalloy an alloy of iron and silicon with between 15 and 90% silicon.
  • Ferrosilicon contains a high proportion of iron silicides.
  • Its melting point is about 1200 C to 1250 C with a boiling point of 2355 C.
  • Ferrosilicon contains about 1 to 2% of calcium and aluminium.
  • Ferrosilicon is used in steelmaking and foundries as a source of silicon in production of carbon steels, stainless steels, and other ferrous alloys.
  • Ferrosilicon is used for inoculation of the iron to accelerate graphitization.
  • Ferrosilicon is also used in the Pidgeon process to make magnesium from dolomite.
  • Ferrosilicon is a basis for manufacture of prealloys like magnesium ferrosilicon (FeSiMg), used for modification of melted malleable iron.
  • Ferrosilicon is produced by reduction of silica or sand with coke in presence of scrap iron, millscale, or other source of iron.
  • Ferrosilicons with higher silicon content are made in electric arc furnaces.
  • Ferrosilicon is also important as an additive to cast irons for controlling the initial content of silicon.
  • Ferrosilicon is used by the military to quickly produce hydrogen for balloons by the ferrosilicon method.
  • VBC is focused in the manufacture of bulk ferro alloys like Ferro Silicon, Ferro Chrome and Silicon Manganese which are used in the steel industry as alloying agents for the manufacture of various grades of alloys steel.
  • Imports of ferrosilicon from Brazil, China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, and Venezuela found to be sold at less than fair value.

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