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  • Enzymes are Bio-catalysts, i.e. substances which accelerate a certain chemical reaction without actually being consumed themselves. They are found in every cell of all living beings, from simple single cellular organisms to highly complex multicellular organisms, including human beings. 
  • Bromelain, Papain and Ficin are proteolytic enzymes. While they are effective as digestive enzymes, studies have shown that these enzymes are absorbed from the digestive tract intact when taken away from food: 1 hour before or 2 hours after. This is the basis for "Enzyme Therapy".


  • Enzymes are nature’s biological catalysts. They accelerate rates of reaction, helping the conversion of substances into other types of chemicals more useful for industrial processes. In the commercial arena, enzymes have two broad kinds of use: process aids and active ingredients.


  • Ficin is found in the latex of the plants of the Genius Ficus. Commercial ficin is purified from the latex of the fig tree, Ficus Glabatra or Ficus Carica.
  • Six of the proteolytic enzyme components of Ficus glabrata ficin have been isolated and shown to be chromatographically homogeneous. The molecular weights, the amino acid oompositions, the electrophoretic and chromatographic behavior of the tryptic peptides, and the relative specificities of these 6 components have been determined.


  • The estimates show that nearly 60 per cent of the total world supply of enzymes is prepared in Europe, mainly within the European Community. Another 15 per cent is produced in North America, primarily ‘in-house’ for large scale application by large scale processors of natural materials, such as alcohol and sugar syrup.
  • The Russian and the Chinese markets probably use a wide variety of enzyme types for indigenous use, but are not yet active commercially. It is likely that their active entry into the market will expand the global market by a considerable degree


  • Many parts of the food industry use enzymes, mainly as processing aids. Examples include baking, brewing, protein modification, fruit processing and flavour production. Most bulk enzymes, as produced by the big manufacturers, are usable in many food processes but are not optimum for each particular process.
  • Most stone washed denim jeans are now enzyme washed.
  • Ficin is used in Food industries : Alcohol & beer industries, Hydrolisation of proteins., Meat processing, Baking industry, Pet food Health food, Pharmaceutical industry : Contact lens cleaning, Cancer treatment , Anti arthritis, Digestive aid, Cosmetic industries,  Textile industries

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