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  • Floor cleaning is a major occupation throughout the world. The main job of most cleaners is to clean floors.

  • The treatment needed for different types of floors is very different. For safety it is most important to ensure the floor is not left even slightly wet after cleaning or mopping up.

  • Enzymes are used in cleaning products as cleaning and fabric care agents.

  • Enzymes are especially effective in controlling odors caused by a buildup of organic soils in restrooms, plumbing, carpets and floor.

  • Enzyme and bio-based cleaners that vanquish grease have revolutionized the cleaning of unglazed ceramic tile floors often used in commercial kitchens.

  • The tile’s non-slip quality is created by pores that capture slippery grease and dirt, a feature that makes it challenging to keep clean.

  • In the past, cleaning was accomplished by etching a new surface with an acid several times a year, to restore its nonslip properties. But today’s bio-formulations keep floors clean and safe year ‘round.

  • Enzyme-based cleaners are increasingly being used instead of synthetic chemicals throughout the cleaning industry: in food service, hospitality health care, factories, schools, jails, sporting venues and other large public facilities.

  • Enzyme-based cleaners are used to clean and deodorize carpets, hard floors, kitchens and bathrooms, eliminate grease from cracks, grout, and hard floors, and even to keep urinals smelling fresh.

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